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  • 17 December 2022 The full text of hitchhiking book Rules of Thumb is now available to read for free in English, German, and Portuguese at How To Hitchhike.

Old News


  • 20 January 2022 Couchers.org becomes the world's first couch surfing platform to obtain 501(c)(3) non-profit status in the US


  • 30 January 2021 Hitchwiki can (and already could) be browsed offline on Android smartphones. The offline file got updated. See While offline


  • 30 December 2020 New Trustroots' newsletter, with nice stories and insights. Don't hesitate to join Trustroots, a better alternative to (now paid) Couchsurfing, made by Hitchwiki volunteers!


  • 27 April 2019 - New Mailing List Since the old mailing list is down a new one was created on riseup.net. Subscribe and share with the users of the old mailing list as all the data was lost together with the list.


  • 1st - 24th December 2016 There is an advent calender on tramprennen.org. One story about "first time-hitchhiking-experiences" is published everyday. Check http://tramprennen.org/blog/
  • 15 November 2016 The first app ever published by Hitchwiki is now available for free (as always) on the Play Store. Download it and keep track of the spots where you hitchhike, your waiting times and so on. In a future version the app will offer you an option to sync your hitching spots with Hitchwiki with no extra work. MyHitchhikingSpots. Special thanks to a random guy who gave an Android phone to one of our hitchhiking developers while traveling in Sweden!
  • 9 April 2016 Tatyana Kozyreva, a well-known Russian hitchhiker, has passed away on the 3rd of April 2016, at the age of 43 in Indonesia, near Bandar Aceh in a diving accident. Tatyana was known for having written and self-published several books on hitchhiking and related topics under the name Tatyana Yashnikova. The talks she gave drew crowds. In the Russian hitchhiking scene she was the most “famous” of the female solo travellers and hitchhikers. A detailed obituary (English), blog article (French) & FB (English)


  • 5 December 2015 New Android Hitchhiking Maps has been released. Offline maps, Street View preview and all of the spots from Hitchwiki: Google Play
  • 25 November 2015 Release of eBook from hitchhiking baby Petit Bibi's adventure around the world: bibiontheroad.net
  • 30 April 2015 An Austrian Hitchhiking Community is forming with the Name Ausfahrt Links to increase public awareness of people about hitchhiking as a means of transport in Austria. Find more information on the Website, like them on Facebook.
  • 24 April 2015 Miran Ipavec has just announced that he has managed to hitch through 31(!) European countries in just under 10 days.


  • 26th December 2014 Folks behind Hitchwiki are building a new hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers and other travellers: Trustroots.org — It's time to join it and spread the word!
  • 13th December 2014 Anick-Marie (formerly Perilisk and now Globestoppeuse) made available [[::File:Hitchhiking_-_Neo-nomad.pdf|Hitchhiking]], a 2010 How-to zine including an analysis of the different safety advice with their pros and cons, including women-specific advice
  • 27th September 2014 The famous Russian hitchhiker Alexey Vorov intends to race around the world in his new project 500 HOURS in order to promote peace and hospitality and to show how small our tiny planet is. Track his progress here
  • 06th August - 28th September 2014 The TravelMakers Project is a journey from Berlin to Istanbul. The project is a combination of hitchhiking throughout Europe, creating street art, volunteering and contributing within urban communities in active social projects, and filming on the way. Learn more about their project and donate to their cause on Travel Makers - Hitchhiking for Social Projects
  • 21 July 2014 The registrations for this years "Tramprennen", a hitchhiking race across Europe from Würzburg (Ger) to Lake Ohrid (Macedonia) are open now on tramprennen.org.
  • 19 July 2014 Sarah Franke's short film about Prino is now on general release on Vimeo.
  • 1 July 2014 The TravelMakers Project registration channel is open. Check out the project and get on board! This project is the succession project of the Euroadtrip2012 Project.
  • 16 June 2014 The North German Television NDR shot a documentary about the Tramprennen last year (in German only).
  • 5 May 2014 In Münster there was the first screening of an anthropological movie about hitchhiking. The movie "On the way" is now on-line here. The documentary mentions the Hitchwiki project.
  • 5 May 2014 A new project has come to life in Belgium! You can visit the blog. Please tell the world why one should hitchhike here The most creative answers will make the tumblr, thanks!
  • 21 March 2014 Lawrence On Board, a new hitchhiking promotion program in Kansas needs your vote on facebook! They have been selected as semifinalists in the TEDxFulbright Social Innovations Challenge! The winner gets the full support of the TED and Fulbright communities. Cast your vote on facebook here!


  • 21st December 2013 Due to the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk 2014, entering Belarus visa-free from 25th April to 31st May is possible [1]. A regular visa costs from 60€ to 160$ . The tickes are available from 91.000BYR (~7€).
  • 14th December 2013 Hitching.it has gone live as of a few hours ago in the intent of replacing digihitch.com. After a long battle of empty promises and sabotage, it is intended to fill the gap that has existed since digihitch began losing features and users since digihitch's original owner, Salman, passed away in 2010. Digihitch, which is now a forum and skeleton of the original site, is expected to shut down for good in early 2014. Hitching.it is still a work in progress, but all are encouraged to join the forums and begin submitting content.
  • 1st December 2013 A new project in the Netherlands has come to life to promote hitchhiking: www.nederlandlift.nl.
  • 23rd September 2013 Started by some of the folks that brought you Trashwiki and Hitchwiki, Nomadwiki is a new wiki with info and tips for nomads (and other travelling folk) about shoestring budget traveling. Here you'll find out about free camping, no 5 star hotels, not for tourists!
  • 31st August 2013 - guaka (talk) started Moneyless.org, a website with a lot of information about living without or much less money.
  • 1st May 2013 Bence and pite did a classic route hitchhiking. From some amateur videoshots a 2 minute movie has been made about the Moscow-Saint Petersburg trip. Hope it will encourage other hitchhikers to do more and more youtube clips about their rides.


12th November 2012 The New York Times is encouraging people to hitchhike: "What if we could remake the original landscape of alienation — the highway — into a place where Americans could once again reach out to help one another, to share space and time with a stranger? We might begin to reconnect, not just with one another, but with the idea of ourselves as one people, moving in the same direction." — discussion about the article on Hacker News.

1 October 2012 Hitchwiki has a new design. We hope you like it!

23rd September 2012 The BXL hackathon started when Mikael arrived - you can participate as well, come over to Brussels or do things from wherever

18th September 2012 The widely known hospitality exchange platform Couchsurfing is about to change the Terms of Use against European Law. Please sign the petition, spread the word and use alternatives like bewelcome.org. Sign Petition

10th September 2012 Tramprennen 2012 is over. 117 hitchhikers and 54 teams from 14 countries made it to the Surduc Lake in Romania and raised 15230 Euro for a WASH-Project of the German NGO Viva con Agua in India. Read the final resumee with some images

6 September 2012 Thomas Francine has released his documentary The Greater Good: A Hitchhiker Perspective free online.

18 August 2012. Stuart Jameson is currently traveling the world after the death of his parents. The only form of transport allowed while traveling from Europe to India and beyond is hitchhiking. He will be doing this in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, and details of how to sponsor will be posted soon. Check out his blog at www.lookingforstu.com

10th August 2012 Hitchgathering 2012 is over after one week of joy and fun! See you next year somewhere!

7th August 2012 Inauguration of the first official hitchhiking spot in Germany: Go to video, 2:08 Minutes

25 July 2012 Marissa hitchhiked with her friend Jenny from Mexico City to Guatemala and made a short video about it.

22 June 2012 - Tramprennen 2012: The Hitchhiking Hub started today registrations for Tramprennen 2012 - a hitchhike race for drinking water. The race starts August 18th, has 6 routes starting in Bayreuth, Gent, Copenhagen, Dresden, Leipzig and Berchtesgaden. 6 stages for each route will lead to a final common meeting point in Romania.

11 June 2012 - jaredjestes22 - a short time user and contributor to this website is now on his hitchhiking trip from Port Angeles, WA to Los Angeles, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Billings, MT, with his lovely wife, Anna Rose.

1 May 2012 - Paluch - a long time user and contributor to this website is now on his hitchhiking trip around the world. Read his latest story about hitching to Cape Verde on his blog called Roadside Letters.

12 April 2012 - Justina & Maarten are filming and interviewing people who "live" on the road (not just hitchhikers) for their project called "Live on the road". See their intro and follow their blog.

9 April 2012 - Erin made a three-week hitchhiking journey to Nordkapp via Finland & her friend Dara made a 90 minute film of the trip

30 March 2012 - A friendly driver lost his Italian brown leather jacket when he drove a couple from Munich to Stuttgart around the 9th of March. The couple was heading to the Netherlands, guy studied architecture and girl was teaching art to children. Maybe you can help? CS group thread, FB wall thread

14 March 2012 - The German hitchhiking club Abgefahren e.V. is organizing the 5th German Hitchhiking Championships from 25 May - 28 May starting from Braunschweig. For the fifth anniversary the race is going to be a bit different compared to previous years. For more information check out abgefahren-ev.de, there you can register for the trip and get the latest information! See you on the road!

14 March 2012 - The Polish Club of Adventure Polski Klub Przygody has announced their annual hitchhiking race on the first-of-may weekend from 28 April - 2 May: from Sopot in Poland to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Registration is open from 1 April. Website in Polish only.

20 January 2012 - Alyssa took nearly two years hitchhiking across Africa, from Morocco to Mozambique via Nigeria and the Congo. Stories and pictures at Open Destination.

10 January 2012 - Chael Finally arrived at Ushuaia from Oregon after 2 years and 5 months hitching. The narrative and drawings: Velabas


28 November 2011 - A first Western European competitive autostop club (DTSG) has been founded in Germany. Next to that, PASL announced that the World Championships will be postponed to August 2013, giving more sportsmen the chance to participate in the qualification rounds throughout 2012.

31 October 2011 - Helin and Jan made a hitchhiking documentary of their trip to Istanbul from Berlin. Read stories and watch videos at berlin-istanbul.com

28 October 2011 - We've had some server issues recently. If this happens again, you can still access mirror.hitchwiki.org for a quite recent version of the English Hitchwiki.

7 October 2011 - With Imst Hitchwiki has now 2000 Articles in English! Thanks a lot, to anyone who ever contributed anything here :)

6 September 2011 - As of today with the article about Tuvalu, Hitchwiki has an entry for every independent nation on this earth. Many of those are only stubs, however, and don't reveal much information - so we need your help as much as ever! Feel free to start with rating the country's you've hitchhiked in!

26 August 2011 - CouchSurfing has turned into a for profit company, consider using BeWelcome instead. BW is the only official non-profit organization for general hospitality exchange with an online network!

22 July 2011 - Craig & Dario hit the road to meet people, see places and go beyond frontiers: THUMBING ASIA From West to East. Clips, jokes, 3D-panoramas & Insights.

18 July 2011 - On the road to Kara Dere: Latest news and all important information for the hitchgathering in Kara Dere, Bulgaria 5 August 2011.

10 July 2011 - PASL is currently organizing the first Transglobal Autostop Race in terms of competitive autostop. Qualification Rounds are starting soon, for information, see their website (Russian) (English translation to be added soon)

24 June 2011 - Hitchwiki application for Nokia Symbian 5th edition and Symbian^3 released! You can download app from OVI Store. For bugs, suggestions and other technical stuff, please, leave comment in my blog post. Cheers!

8-15 August 2011 - To The Fringe with a Farthing - Graham Eccles (AKA The Jack Of Piel) will be hitching from Cornwall to the Edinburgh Fringe with his Ha'Penny Farthing, doing random poetry gigs and weird balloon sculpture along the way. More information on WriteOutLoud GrahamEcclesBlogs and To the Fringe with a Farthing or email thejackofpiel(a)hotmail(d)co(d)uk for details.

1 July 2011 - North American Hitchhiking Gathering: Portland, Oregon, USA has been chosen as the location for the North American Hitchgathering.


2 November 2010 - Shai started a hitchwiki in Hebrew.

17 September 2010 - guaka managed to (finally) fix the OpenID login, now also includes a very easy way to log in from your Google or Yahoo accounts. (But note that you can't use more than 1 OpenID for one Hitchwiki account.)

18 Aug 2010 - Thanks to Index we now have hitchwiki pages in Romanian. If you speak Romanian, please help us adding some content.

16 July 2010 - Hitchwiki is alive and kicking, now 1600 + 1 articles on Hitchwiki in English, with a staggering total of 134,583 edits and an average of 1300 visitors per day and as we speak 400 - 1 articles on Trashwiki in English - that makes 2000 pages in total

6 July 2010 - Location of the Third European Hitchgathering on the 6th of August has been set: Sines. Also check the Press-release

8 June 2010 - Organization has begun for the North America Hitch Gathering taking place August 21st, 2010 in Boulder, Colorado. Join the mailing list, get involved, update the wiki and see you this summer!!

6 June 2010 - We started a collaboration of the month! Everybody on hitchwiki is welcome to continue on this idea and add his/her suggestions! The first topic for June 2010 will be Portugal, the destination of the 6810 European hitchhiking gathering.

14 May 2010 - Hand to Mouth to India is the tale of how Tom Thumb hitchhiked from England to India with no money. Now you can read it for free online or download the book to share around the world hitching community (more books).

9 March 2010 - Tjerk Ridder has been hitchhiking with a caravan.


28 December 2009 - The organization of the third edition of the European hitchhiking festival, 6-8-10, started. The whole hitchhiking community is asked to give a voice to designate a meeting place for 2010. All relevant information can be found on the 6810 article.

20 December 2009 - Citizens of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro can now travel visa-free to all countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement. Read more from BBC.

11 December 2009 - We now offer a hitchwiki tutorial for all fellow hitchhikers out there who are new to hitchwiki and want to share their knowledge with us, but don't know how. Check it out and get some insights in the world of editing articles and adding hitchhiking spots on hitchwiki!

9 December 2009 - Emil from Finland, age 19 was lost during his trip in Poland. Please check his photo from website or Facebook-group.

29 November 2009 - The movie about the Viva con Agua hitchhiking race is out! It includes English subtitles & 23 minutes of pure hitchhiking! Watch the race here. The editors worked hard to finish the movie and do appreciate feedback in any direction!

24 November 2009 - G J della Mer started a Turkish Hitchwiki. Now we have 11 languages

27 October 2009 - You can now use Hitchwiki everywhere without internet, through Aarddict.

21 July 2009 - We had some technical difficulties the last days/weeks due to a broken hard drive. Everything should work again now. (We have also set up a read-only mirror you can use in case the main server is down.)

13 July 2009 - At m.hitchwiki.org we've set up a hitchwiki version for mobile phones.

10 July 2009 - Strzkrzysiek started a Polish Hitchwiki. Now we have 10 languages :)

9 July 2009 - Thanks to Mipplor, we now have a Chinese Hitchwiki. If you speak Chinese, please help us letting it grow. And if you know someone who speaks Chinese, spread the word.

1 July 2009 - Hitchwiki switched its license to Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA). This means that: 1. it simplifies the distribution of the Hitchwiki's content where only an attribution is required (+ all derivated works require the application of the same CC-BY-SA license); 2. Hitchwiki will be licensed under the same license as other wikis (Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikivoyage), sites (OpenStreetMap) and images (Flickr's CC), a strong bond with which helped immensively in building up the content of Hitchwiki.

21 June 2009 - It is now possible to follow all the cool hitchhiking stories from around the world via Twitter. Thanks to alex!

9 June 2009 - The German hitchhiking championship, held on June 12th, can be followed on the mobile hitchhiking blog (or via Twitter/trampen). It's free for all to use (standard rates apply) while on the road, to keep friends and families informed, or just to tell the world how amazing your last ride was!

8 May 2009 - guaka made an attempt to improve the layout of Hitchwiki, comments and suggestions are very welcome. Also check the discussion about a possible new logo.

21 January 2009 - The English version of hitchwiki has a new main page - add your thoughts here. We also finally installed the latest WordPress version at blogs.hitchwiki.org, so now blogging is even finer, including new plugins and themes.

6 January 2009Platschi initiated a Bulgarian language version of the Hitchwiki!


12 December 2008 - Switzerland is finally in the Schengen Agreement, and long existed cross-border passport checks are on their way to be abolished. The land border checkpoints are to be closed from this day, though people entering the country would have their passports checked until March 29, 2009, if they originate from a Schengen nation.

13 November 2008 - There is a call for participants for the Eurizons 2008: A Call for Climate Justice: Hitchhiking Campaign to the COP 14 (5.-6.12.08) and exhibition 'Voices from the South' in Poznan. - Check it out now and join!

3 November 2008 - We now added to-do lists for articles. If you think an article needs some cleanup, if you want to request specific information, or other things that could be on a todo list, then check out this template: todo template. If you want to add a todo-list, just go to the Talk page of an article (click discussion on top of the article) and type in {{toDo}}.

30th of October - Trashwiki was started in the week that the English Hitchwiki reached 1000 articles. It has the same free-minded spirit and is focused on dumpster diving (conceptually similar to hitchhiking). Today we reached 60 articles!

19th of October - A regional hitchhikers gathering in Argentina in the weekend of the 10th of October brought together 30 participants report.

16th of October - The voting for next year's 789 meeting is open now! Log in at the forum and vote for your favorite destination.

29th of September - You can now log in to Hitchwiki with your OpenID. Let Guaka know if there are any issues.

20th of September - Another great story: The first official hitchhiking spot in Germany has been released in Potsdam yesterday! For more news, check out this article. (German)

15th of September - Hurray! Postcards is the 1000th article of Hitchwiki! All this in less than 3 years. Thank you, all of you! We are also sending out a press-release. [2]

19th of August - Some hitchhikers are currently working on a hitchhiking magazine. If you are interested in participating, check out the wiki brainstorming for Whatever the Random Roads.

17th of August – Back in the top ten of the Google search on hitchhiking.

12th of August – There is a trailer available for the Viva Con Agua Charity Hitch, have a look here Trailer Hitchhiking Race

8th of August – Around 150 hitchhikers arrived in Paris for the first European Hitchhikers Gathering, the 888-project. Share your evaluation thoughts on the 888-Event

31th of July – Hitchwiki now has a Portuguese language version. If you speak Portuguese, you could help a bit. It's maintained by Ataqlibert.

30th of June – Finally we launched a Hitchhiking Planet. It collects blog entries from various hitchhikers around the world. If you want your blog added, contact MrTweek.

5th of June – We now have a Finnish hitchwiki! As Liftari.org, the biggest finnish hitchhiking website, went down, Mikael decided to start a Finnish wiki instead. Good luck!

8th of April – We now have 1295 articles in 5 languages!

4th of March – Hitchwiki now even has a Russian language version :) It will be maintained by Lnx. If you speak Russian, it would be nice if you could help a bit. And if you know Russian speakers, please help to spread the word!

26th of February – The German hitchhiking club Abgefahren e.V. is organizing a hitchhiking competition through Germany and Poland from 22th–25th May 2008! For more information check out abgefahren-ev.de, there you can register for the trip and get the latest information! See you on the road!


28 December – From December 28 till 2nd January there's a New Year Hitchhiker Happening in Slab City, California. For more information, have a look here.

14 December – We recently launched blogs.hitchwiki.org, where you can start your own hitchhiking blog. Just log in with your hitchwiki user data and you can write your first post right away :) There's also a new feature at some country articles (see Germany or Bulgaria) called Hitchability. With this everyone can rate the countries on how good they are for hitchhiking. Want to rate your country? Have a look here.

5 November – We just added a little Question? Need Help? section to the Talk to us page. If you have any questions concerning the wiki, if you need city or country-specific information, don't hesitate to ask here. Whatever, good luck to all hitchhikers!

8 October – Hitchwiki is growing bigger and bigger! The only decrease was the number of pictures. Please upload your nice hitch pictures from this year's Summer and we'll put them in the relevant articles and if they're really nice, on the Main Page!

11 SeptemberHitchwiki is going international!
SAn from Autostop Argentina started Autostopwiki in Spanish and they already have a lot of information about Argentina. With support from abgefahren e.V., we started Trampwiki in German and are just starting to translate information from the English wiki. Due to some general interest, we've also set up a French hitchwiki. If you speak one of these languages, you are very welcome to contribute. If you have an account here, you can use it in all these wikis, of course. Oh, and if you want to see hitchwiki in any other language and are willing to help a bit with that, just let us know.

10 September – If you are somewhat active here or interested in the future of hitchwiki, check Hitchwiki:Organization and leave your comments, if you have some.

6 September – We now have more than 500 articles! Actually, probably due to some weird technical problem 154 articles weren't counted, so we don't know when we precisely reached 500. Oh well, whatever. Nevermind.

18 August – We just created an IRC-Channel called #hitchhiking on EFNet.

14 August – A German hitchhiking club was founded, called abgefahren e.V.. They will also organize a hitchhiking camp/gathering near Freiburg im Breisgau from 6th to 9th of September. Check it out at abgefahren.hitchbase.com.

25 July – There's now some basic information on how to pick up hitchhikers. Feel free to add more!

4 July – A lot of great info about Canada has been added during the last days. If you have them, please upload some pictures from your Canadian hitching experiences.

15 June – The Lithuanian Hitch-hiking Gathering will take place at June 29 – July 01 in a very natural surrounding of Salcininkai, which is about 30 kilometres south from Vilnius. More info at autostop.lt

29 May100 users have registered since we moved all the stuff to hitchwiki.org. Huge thanks to everyone.

22 May – London to Paris Competition! There will be a London to Paris competition for young people, starting 2nd or 3rd of June at Trafalgar Square, London and ending that night (hopefully) at the Eiffel Tower, Paris. Buy-in is 10GBP and the winner gets all! If you are on Facebook search for "The Race to Paris" and join the group or leave a message on [[Talk:User:Andrew|Andrews talk page]].

08 May – There is now a hitchwiki email list, for any discussions related to Hitchwiki, feel free to join.

01 May – The "BERLIN HOSPITALITY CLUB BEACHCAMP", an international hospitality, backpacker and hitchhiker gathering will happen from May 24th – 28th in Berlin. Check http://www.happy-traveller.de/. You can probably meet other hitchwiki users there.

25 April – You can now include maps from Liftershalte.info directly into hitchwiki-articles. See how it works. Also check Mönchengladbach and Hannover.

24 April – A lot of new people have joined during the last months, and there is a lot of new information, check e.g. Norway, Romania, Mauritania and China.

14 February – We're number two if you Google for "hitchhiking wiki".


18 December – MrTweek installed some cool wiki statistics software.

15 December – Server upgrade: up to 6 hours downtime one of these days.

7 December – Amylin is working on a logo for the Hitchwiki. Please give your comments, or if you can do better: do it! Guaka has been changing the general layout a little bit. Feel free to discuss.

27 November – Let's organize the New Zealand hitch course 2007‎!

24 November – We've moved to hitchwiki.org! Update your bookmarks and tell your hitchhiking friends! It seems that Wikia has a different way of counting articles. So we're back to 115 :)

21 November – We were in the Google top 50 for "hitchhiking".

16 November – Let's work on a Hitchhiking Zine!

15 November – New people joined our efforts, with some great contributions, check out Poznan, Bulgaria, Granada, Skopje and other new pages! Welcome to our growing hitchhiking community!

6 November – New Zealand is a good country for hitchhiking, and you can start when you arrive at the airport in Auckland.

16 October - Boys Be Aware of the Homosexual, "It looks innocent enough, doesn't it? Lots of young people hitchhike...", a long time ago in the United States. See Hitchhiking in movies.

27 September - Help gather some information about Hitchhiking in the media.

24 September - We reached 200 articles. See also the statistics.

20 September - Hitchhiking from the United Kingdom to the European mainland isn't too hard at all? Cross the channel in Dover and find your ride to Turkey in Calais. The same trick, for Scandinavia can be tried in Puttgarden, Germany.

19 August - The Hitchhiking Wiki is now syndicated by the CouchSurfing Guide.

January 2006 - We reached 100 articles.

December 2005 - The Hitchhiking Wiki was moved to Wikia, from hitchhikingguide.org, where it was spammed to death.