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I was born in ex-USSR, although I remember very few things about it. And that did somehow made the path why I hitchhike; one reason is that just after collapse of soviet union all the transport system collapsed, and volens nolens people hitchhiked, second reason are the money, or more correct to say - due to their absence.

But know I see hitchhiking as an alternative to both present days consumerism and pollution.

I hitchhiked in Romania, Ucraina, Poland and Germany, and those were some great days, full with adventures and good talks.

Curently in Moldova - I want to update and develop the Moldovan page on hitwchwiki and to try to promote it through moldovan hitchhikers.

You can find on: user:gheorghe user:gheorghe

If you dont have nothing to do - Go Hitchhike!!! or start here [[1]]

admin@ Ro and Ru HWă

new ways of hitchhiking: [[2]] #ashtag in Twitter