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Copyright notice

Text and images are copyrighted by their respective contributors. Text and images are available under the Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution license.

How to attribute Hitchwiki

  • Mention the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license and provide a link to the license (as in the footer of every hitchwiki page).

If you reuse one or two articles or images:

  • Please check the history of the page and attribute the respective user names at Hitchwiki. If no user names, attribute the Hitchwiki community.
  • Give the title and the URL of the pages.

If you reuse 3 or more articles:

  • Please credit the Hitchwiki community as the creator of these pages.
  • The work is called Hitchwiki
  • Please link back to https://hitchwiki.org/ (or possibly to Hitchwiki in a specific language)

See also How to Attribute a Creative Commons Licensed Work


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