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Hitch-hiking is part of my lifestyle! Lift by lift it‘s a new adventure with fascinating people and their stories – like CouchSurfing.

I hitched first in Centralamerica. There I enjoyed rides on Pick-Ups and in public buses, with lone truck drivers and upbeat families, long cross-border distances and village-hopping. Thumbing up rides in Europe I‘m most of the time faster than highspeed trains.

With friends I participated in the German Hitch-hiking Championship. With my brother Dario (17) I staged the next adventure: Hitching overland to Malaysia.

Read more on our adventures, see videos from the road and 3D pictures of hitching spots on our blog Thumbing Asia from West to East [1]

I also produced a Video to tell people about hitch-hiking. It's a flipbook-style vid in German: [2]

Here is my website: [3] with more travel insights around the globe.

Keep thumbing!