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Here you can vote for the location of the 2024 Hitchgathering.


  • If you don't have a hitchwiki account request one here.
    • speed up the approval by complaining in the signal group ;-)
    • or ask someone with an account to add your name to the votes
  • click on the edit button next to "Voting"
  • add your (user)name to the proposal(s) you like to vote for
    • you can vote for as many as you want
    • you can just type ~~~ to add your username


Malga Chiampis, Northern Italy: Tobias (talk), Mazzacake (talk), Acromax (talk), Elisabeth, Clem, Jolyanna, Flavi, Demian, Bdb (talk), User42 (talk), Aimee, Z., K., Zoe

Pre Alpi Carniche, Italy: Mazzacake (talk), Acromax (talk), Jolyanna, Flavi, User42 (talk), Z., K., Romain

Sacuieu, Romania: Tatjana

Gura Apelor, Romania:Tatjana, Vasile, Ben, Romain, subaculture, eter.surfer, Sitarane (talk)