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789: European Hitch-hiking week 2009

Yo, I'm a cyborg-traveller. I carry a very small backpack, containing my computers, solar panels, cables along with my sleeping bag and… what else? I live in the future. Or at least, I wish I would. I don't like the present too much. It's already obsolete!

I don't like to think of myself as a hitchhiker, though that's one of the things I do a lot. There are stuff I do more. Like breathing. I don't like too much words ending in "-er".

I'm a writer, and a web-developper. Ah shit, they both end in "-er". Well, you get my point, do you? My books are in French but I keep a sort of blog in English if you're into that.

Talk to me

To communicate with me, writing here is a rather bad idea.

My main channels are: Instant communication: sitar[email protected] Email: same username but with instead.

789 planning written on the back of a hitchhiking sign