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Flag of Netherlands
Flag Overijssel.png
Population: 17,138
Major roads: A32
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Steenwijk is a small city in the Netherlands in the province Overijssel.

Hitching out

North/West towards Leeuwarden

Walk around 1,5km north on the Eesveenseweg to exit 6 Steenwijk on the A32. The motorway is already visable from a distance. For the direction of Leeuwarden, walk under the overpass to the on-ramp there. There's a new roundabout which slows cars down and a wide hard shoulder to stop.

South/East towards Meppel, Zwolle

Do as described above, but instead go to the on-ramp on the city side of the motorway. Again a good spot just after a roundabout where cars will have plent of space to stop. If they are only going to Meppel, ask them if they can drop you off at exit 2, Meppel. The other two exits (Meppel-Noord and -Zuid) are much harder to get away from. If they are going to Zwolle, don't get off at Zwolle-Zuid! The other two on-ramps are perfect to continue hitching.

Another possibility is taking bus 40 or 48 to the stop Rotonde Havelterberg. This drops you off right at exit 5 Steenwijk-Zuid. Here's also a good spot in the direction of Zwolle, Both on-ramps are about equally frequented, and your choice will pretty much depend on your location in the city.

The on-ramp towards Leeuwarden at Steenwijk-Zuid is a bit harder to access because the road leading there is prohibited for pedestrians, but is also a good spot if you got dropped off here and don't want to walk through the whole city to the other on-ramp.

Hitching in

If you're dropped off at exit 5 (Zuid), walk to the roundabout west of the motorway. There's a bus stop there from where you can try to hitch a ride into the city, as going by foot means a 4km walk to the centre. In general it's pretty easy to get a ride into the city.

Wild camping

Luckily enough there are some great places for wild camping close to the motorway. If you're at exit 6, walk along the Onderduikersweg, an unpaved road parallel to the motorway, until it makes a sharp right turn. About 50m after that there's a trail leading left into the forest. It's a brief 750m walk to the beginning of the trail from the motorway.

From the roundabout at exit 5, walk south on the Meppelerweg. After 500m cross under the motorway using the tunnel for cyclists. Keep going straight until you enter Havelterberg and then turn left on the Haarweg. This road eventually becomes unpaved after 500m and then leads into the forest. Be aware that this forest is a military training ground, though not much will happen if you camp at the edges of the forest. Even though walking there is permitted everywhere, it just might be smart not to camp in the middle of the area.