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<map lat='51.56' lng='4.763' zoom='11' view='3' country='Netherlands' height='300'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Noord Brabant.png
Noord Brabant
Population: 180,420
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Breda is a town in Noord Brabant in the Netherlands. It is located on the edge of the Randstad megalopolis with easy access to major cities in every direction.

South towards Belgium, France, etc

Go to Ettensebaan and stand after the traffic lights just before the A16 motorway. You can get here by taking a bus from Breda Central Station. There is two massive service stations just before and after the Belgian/Dutch border. You can reach the border by hitch-hiking from Breda in less than 10 minutes.

East towards Limburg, Germany

Motorway on ramps on the Tilburgseweg and Franklin Rooseveltlaan roads provide easy access to the A58 motorway, which can take you to most destinations in the East and are around 45 minutes walk from the Centrum. For cities within The Netherlands, this is an easy way to get to Maastricht and Eindhoven.

North towards Utrecht, Netherlands

Franklin Rooseveltlan till the bridge which cross Minervum. here you are the coordinates 51°34'54.2"N 4°49'37.2"E It takes almost an hour from the center by foot. When you reach the cross, turn right for the enterence of highway. You see the sign for the exit of Breda. I hitchhiked there on the safe zone and grass. Cars quite slow. Show the sign where you are heading to and thumb up!

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