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<map lat="52.693226277279" lng="6.1961657765855" zoom="12" />
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Drenthe.png
Population: 32,525
Major roads: A28 E 232, A32
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Meppel is a city in the Netherlands. The city is located near knooppunt Lankhorst, the junction where the A32 merges into the A28.

Hitching out

From the train station it's a brisk 800m walk to the motorway A32. The two on-ramps are in very different locations, so pay attention which one you want to take depending on the direction you want to travel.

To get from the station to the highway, exit the station at the backside (east side) and walk down the Leliestraat, turn left at the end on the Ambachtsweg. You will end up at a big crossing and see the motorway to your right.

South towards Zwolle, Amsterdam or Hoogeveen, Germany

Cross the Hoogeveenseweg and walk along Blankenstein towards the roundabout. The road has two lanes here, with the right one going onto the highway. Just after the first bend there's a good place to stand, right at the sign indicating you're leaving the city. Most cars will continue south towards Zwolle from here, because the highway junction Lankhorst is located in such a way that coming from Meppel it's faster and shorter to continue along the N851 and go onto the motorway at exit 24 if they want to travel to Hoogeveen or Germany.

North towards Steenwijk, Leeuwarden

From the crossing, walk along the Hoogeveenseweg, going under the highway. After around 150m the on-ramp starts at your right side. Because of the nearby traffic lights cars will be able to spot you already quite early.