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Flag of Netherlands
Flag of Groningen.svg
Groningen (province)
Population: 197823 (2014)
Major roads: A7 E 22, A28 E 232
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Groningen is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands, as well as the name of the surrounding province. Groningen is a student city and there are a lot of German students who study here.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Assen

Spot 1: Emmaviaduct

There is a liftershalte, a spot for hitchhiking, at the Emmaviaduct, the road to the A28, 200 meter westwards of Central Station, in the direction of Assen.

The liftershalte in Groningen.

Spot 2: Van Ketwich Verschuurlaan x A28/E232

There is an unused bus stop at the on-ramp onto A28 with plenty of space to stop. An especially good spot in the early morning, hitchhiking with commuters southwards towards Assen or Zwolle. Arjan stood here for about 30 minutes before being given a ride to Assen. Fverhart hitched at this bus stop when it was still active with a sign: "A7 -->" (direction Germany). However, not much traffic here goes east. This access lane is a 2.5 km walk from the central station or the city center, but can be approached on bus line 10 every half hour as well [November 2022].

West towards Leeuwarden, Heerenveen

The liftershalte is also fine if you are going West. Going at the traffic light at the entrance of the highway at the end of Emmaviaduct is another option.

East towards Germany

From the city

Hitching east towards Germany is harder since there is no obvious place to start hitching.

Spot 1: Europaweg x Sontweg (does not exist anymore)

The usual hitchhiking spot used to be at the crossing of the Europaweg and the Sontweg (close to Ikea), but the bus stop has been relocated to the middle of the road so people cannot stop on the side anymore.

Spot 2: Europaweg x Damsterdiep

Some people prefer to start hitching already on the other side of the bridge, just after the crossing Europaweg/Damsterdiep. Immediately after the crossing is an unused busstop with a Liftershalte sign. Cars can see you while they wait, though the cars in the back maybe less so. People at Spots 1 & 2 can, however, still drive towards the West or South.

Spot 2: Liftershalte at the crossing of Europaweg and Damsterdiep

Spot 2: Europaweg x Bergenweg

Koen decided to stand at the on-ramp of the N7 at the crossing of the Europaweg and Bergenweg. Cars have some place to stop there and most go towards the east too. He got a ride in 15min. I also got a ride in this location, within 30 minutes. Make sure to stand on the east side of Europaweg. There is a small gravel turnout right off of Europaweg on Bergenweg where it is easy for people to stop.

Linde also stood on the onramp on the crossing of Europaweg and Bergenweg, but was sent away by the police. They treathened with a fine of 140 euros. To reach this spot, you have to walk next to the road, there is no pedestrian/ bike path, which makes it illegal to stand there.

Russ also stood on the onramp of Europaweg and bergenweg. I do not suggest this spot on Sundays. I waited for almost two hours and maybe 30 cars were going on the highway. The police passed me twice but just smiled. Probably a great spot during the week.

March 2022:Tzuiop could not find the described place, there are building sites at the crossing.

July 2022: Traffic heading east may be directed south via Europaweg to meet the N7, due to the construction. Clicks walked around the building site to the bus stop Lubeckweg on the Europaweg. (It seems like it’s no longer operating, which is good.) They managed to catch a ride east in under 30 minutes, using a sign. Signs may be useful since not all traffic here is heading east.

Spot 4: End of Europaweg, where Euvelgunnerweg meets a traffic circle

Spot 4a: Busstop Roodehaan. Looks good initially, but green phases are long and cars have a high speed already, which makes crossing one or two lanes to the bus-stop tricky.

Spot 4a: Busstop Rodehaan

Standing at the onramp is illegal and unsafe: while there is a wide lane for cars to stop, at the beginning two lanes merge, and then there is a bend. Later where the onramp is straight, the cars already go too fast.

Spot 4: Onramp to A7 at the end of Europaweg

Spot 5: Esso Kolham, in Scharmer

There is a petrol station on the highway about 10km out of town which is easily accessible by bus (cost EUR 3,50). Take e.g. Line 5 until the final station, Goldbergweg. From there walk in the direction in which the bus is going and take the first road on the right to cross the highway. You can see the petrol station from the bridge. After the bridge turn right again and walk until you are almost past the petrol station. There is a small bridge consisting of roofing material made for the employees of the petrol station to cross the water.

Tzuiop: On a Wednesday I stood there from 11-12.00 and 16-18.00. There were very very few cars going to Germany. I suspect this will be different on the weekends. I could not find a ride further than the border or Leer.

By train to Nieuweschans (2h.)

Alternatively you can take the train (EUR 10,25) to Nieuweschans and start hitchhiking on the border service station, a walk of 2.0 kms.

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