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<map lat='52.29126257954172' lng='6.909670104980469' zoom='13' width='350' height='250' view='3'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Overijssel.png
Population: 31,512 (01 Jun 2007)
Major roads: A1
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Oldenzaal is a city in the east of the Netherlands.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Enschede

Walk or take the bus number 60 or 62 towards Enschede Centraal and get out at Oldenzaal Hanzepoort (or just stay on the bus to get to Enschede). You'll find a McDonalds to your right, here just walk to the left along the bicycle path towards the forest next to the road. There are two lanes, and after some meters it becomes one. Just walk some 500 meter next to the road, and you'll find a small paved bay where you can put down your stuff and people can stop. Everyone can see you and nearly all cars are heading towards Enschede. This spot is also good when you get off at the ramp in Oldenzaal-Zuid. Then you're directly at Hanzepoort. For the described spot, just walk to the right to the McDonalds.

On-ramp Oldenzaal-Zuid (Hanzepoort) towards Germany.

East or West towards Bad Bentheim (Germany), Hengelo, Amsterdam

If you are in Oldenzaal, take the bus to Oldenzaal-Hanzepoort or walk there, it's not that far from the city center. At Hanzepoort, get out of the bus and you'll see the motorway bridge and it's two ramps. There is enough space on the ramps in both directions (great hard shoulder) to stand on and wait for cars. They have to stop at the traffic lights in front of you, so they can see you. It is easy to get lifts to Germany, because it's the 2nd last ramp before the border. Also easy for getting rides into the Netherlands towards Hengelo, Deventer or further. Fantastic ramp!