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Tatyana Kozyreva, earlier Yashnikova, also known as Тётка Я (Aunt Ya.) or Ratty (b. 1973, d. 2016) was well known and published Russian female hitchhiker and adventurer.

Tatyana hitchhiked since 1990s and already in 2000 she had travelled 150,000 kilometers by hitchhiking, after what she stopped counting. In 2014 her friend Anton Krotov estimated she hitched around 700,000 km and by the time of her death it was probably over 800,000 km. She travelled large parts of Russia, North America, Europe, Central Asia, China, Turkey, Israel, Egypt,Thailand, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia and possibly more.

She was well known among Russian hitchhikers community

Tatyana died 3rd of April 2016, at the age of 43 in Indonesia, near Banda Aceh in a diving accident.


Not in any particular order. Please fill in publishing years, Russian titles and missing titles.

  • Women's Safety while hitchhiking
  • Funny stories from my travels - scary stories from my travels - Татьяна Яшникова (Козырева). Прикольные и стрёмные случаи из моей практики. М., 2010, 120 стр., рисунки
  • A girl on the side of the road - Татьяна Яшникова (Козырева). Девушка на обочине. 2011
  • Blackriding
  • Girl with an Oar (about wild water rafting) -Татьяна Яшникова (Козырева). Девушка с веслом. 2011
  • Chasing trains
  • Medicine and independent travel (Tatyana was a trained medic)
  • Freebie
  • A House for Everyone in Thailand and Morocco
  • A book about stowaway - Татьяна Яшникова (Козырева). Книга про "зайцев". 2012. 188 стр.