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The Academy of Free Travel (Russian: Академия Вольных Путешествий), known by its Russian-language initials AVP, is a travel club based in Russia, founded on September 2, 1995. The main organizer of the club's activities is the Russian travel guide author Anton Krotov. Participants in the club's activities are mostly from the former Soviet Union and the main language is Russian, but people from all countries are welcome to join the AVP.

The club's aims are

  • to collect information about the world, its countries and regions and their peculiarities,
  • to organize hitchhiking expeditions, rail journeys and treks in various parts of the globe and Russia,
  • to educate people on the properties of the surrounding world and the possibilities for independent travel.

The club periodically sets up houses in various parts of the world where independent travellers can base themselves while exploring the surrounding area.

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