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Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan.

Hitching in

Coming from Qurgonteppa ask your driver to drop you off at Ayni square, which is a hub for public transport. Coming from Ayni ask your driver to drop you off at the President House, then take trolleybus 1 to Ayni square.

Hitching out

North towards Ayni, Panjakent and Khujand

From President house take bus 3. Walk a bit further from the last stop. Be ready for attacks of taxi drivers offering their service.

As of October 2022, the road beyond the northern taxi station at [38.616855, 68.780912] is closed for construction, according to a traveller's report. Taxis now take a big loop south before heading onto the M34 north out of the city. Check when you travel if this is still the case.

An alternative option, to start hitching north without going too far out of the city is to make your way to the giant highway circle next to the river, between Capital Park and the botanical gardens. Walk north along the M34 a couple hundred metres to the Azs Gazpromneft petrol station and start hitching just beyond it - around [38.604972, 68.772793]. User RyanSA got a ride here in under a minute.

South towards Qurgonteppa and Kulob

Take bus 2 from Circus to Corvon market. Then take bus 28. Walk a bit further from the last stop.

West towards Tursunzoda and Termiz (UZ)

Look for a transport to Zarafshon (Tajik: Зарафшон) district (there is a direct trolleybus from the President House). Walk approximately 2 km from Zarafshon roundabout to another smaller roundabout.

East towards Rasht Valley and Gharm

Make your way to "Terminal Shark Trans" [38.553208, 68.879864]. Various buses originating in different parts of the city have their terminus here. Walk about 150m east, through the big arch of the Vahdat Gate (and past the security there). A good spot to hitch is the open shoulder outside the BenZ Oil petrol station. Most vehicles have slowed down to go past the security of the Gate and have a good view of you. You're still likely to be better off with trucks but maybe you'll get a generous local stopping in a faster car.


The large Pobedy Park northeast of the city centre has enough space to camp peacefully. Set your tent up at sunset and try to break camp before 07:30.

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