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Central Asia is a region in Asia.

Hitchhiking in Central Asia is easy and has a good reputation. You may want to clarify that you do not intend to pay before getting in a vehicle since public transportation is rather scarce so people normally pay. Private taxis are common. People invite you easily in their homes (be careful that you do not abuse that generosity and treat them kindly).

In Central Asia, hitchhiking is a walking sport. You need to walk your way out of most towns, but it makes also more sense for people to see you walking and eventually ask for a free ride: if you get no free ride, then you are just walking, right?

The proper hitchhiking gesture in Central Asia is to flap your whole arm and hand vertically up and down, palm downwards.


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There are different opinions about the definition of Central Asia, so this one is by the United Nations Statistic Division. Choose a country for more specific information.