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platschi hitchhiking in Turkey
platschi hitchhiking in Serbia
Together with Korn in Uruguay


Platschi is a hitchhiker, moving around planet Earth. A more or less complete statistical record of past trips can be found on hitchlog.


Platschi hitchhiked through/inside the following countries (year = first hitch in that particular country):

Planned trips (2022+)


  • Failed country: Tried to hitchhike in Bolivia in July 2014, giving up after realizing that traffic that day did not exist (and it was freaking cold)
  • Coldest position: On December 16, 2009 waited about 8 hours on the Latvian - Russian border at night at temperatures of about -30 °C. Pure fun! Realized only in the morning hours that traffic would only move after sunrise.
  • The longest ride ever: 1443 km, пыша to новосибирск, Russia, 50 hours, one truck.
  • The fastest ride ever was together with MrTweek hitchhiking from Freiburg towards Hannover, got a driver inbetween who was riding 260 km/h on the German A7 highway.
  • The milestone of 25,000 km hitchhiking was reached on May 10, 2008 hitchhiking from Riesenbeck-Birgte towards Münster in a Smart Cabriolet. Amazing!
  • The milestone of 50,000 km hitchhiking was reached on April 29, 2009 hitchhiking from Hannover towards Bad Oeynhausen.
  • The milestone of 100,000 km hitchhiking was reached somewhere in August 2010 on the road between Faro (Portugal) and Sevilla (Spain) hitchhiking with a Portuguese-Angolan lady.
  • The milestone of 150,000 km hitchhiking was reached somewhere between La Pedrera and Rocha on 25 January 2015 in Uruguay, together on the road with Korn after an absence of way too long on the road.

Since May 2006 he hitchhiked in total around 154,996 km through Europe, Asia, Africa and South America (9/2015). A more or less complete record of his trips can be found on hitchlog.