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Hitchhiking in South America varies a lot.

In some countries, such as Ecuador, it is really easy to get rides, especially when you look like a foreigner, though there are also some more dangers involved. Uruguay, Argentina and Chile are considered the safest countries to hitchhike. In Brazil it's a bit less secure, but the buses are much more expensive than in other countries. Hitchhiking in Colombia is considered very dangerous by foreigners, but if you try it you'll figure out that main roads are absolutely safe and it's extremely hard to get a ride since people are very cautious. <map lat='-25.641526373065755' lng='-60.64453125' zoom='3' view='0' float='right' height='500'/>

For more specific information, have a look to the nation articles listed below:


If you are not vegetarian, empanadas are probably the fastest and easiest street food. You can buy them at many kiosks and walk with them. They are quite greasy and have lots of energy, but you will feel sick from eating them too much. They usually contain chicken or meat but can also contain cheese, eggs, or potatoes. They are widely available across the continent and differ in every country.

Accomodation and sleep

In many cities and towns in South America, you can usually ask the firemen (es:bomberos, pt:bombieros) if they have a place for you to crash for a night. Often they will give you a bunk, matress or couch to sleep on. Sometimes they give you a place to put up your tent. Sometimes they say no or make excuses. It's worth a try to ask though! They have bathrooms and usually a kitchen where you can cook.


Autonomic Islands or Regions

More info

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