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yosemite hitching

shai is a known traveler amongst all the people of yokneam, which accually is not saying that much :), but ever since he finished the army, he's traveling all over, it started as a counselor in a summer camp in the usa, continued to a massive road trip, and now he spends his days saving up for a new trip

I can host you in yokneam, israel


well, just copied one of those stats pages from someone's profile, but it's cute so i think i'll participate

Distance travelled: ohh, a bit too pedantic for me ,i'm afraid, and due to the fact that i've been hitchiking all my life as a way to get around, i'll have to say alot

Longest lift: 410km, from metula, israel to eilat, the most southern tip of was during a competition with my friend as to whom gets there first, good times.

Worst hitch: well, waited for a ride for an hour, talked to the guy but he didnt respond.not that bad.

Shortest wait: stuck the thumb out ,and right away someone came!

Funnest ride: wow, there have been alot of those.i'll have to say that it was the funniest and the most frighting together.hitched a ride with a hassidic jew right in the time of the biggest religious party of the year, and was cramp in a fiat punto with 4 people in the back seat! the teriffing part was ,as i discovered later, the dude was complitly intoxicated, which explained alot, accually, in his erretic, fragmanted talk.