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<map lat='29.55' lng='34.95' zoom='11' view='0' country='Israel'/>
Flag of Israel
District (mahoz): Southern District
Population: 50,072 (2016)
Major roads: 90, 12
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Eilat is a city in the southern tip of Israel, around 4-5 hours ride to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is also the gateway to Taba in Egypt, and Aqaba in Jordan.

Hitchhiking out

Eilat has the distinct advantage of having basically only one road out, The Arava Road, Number 90. It stretches to the north of the city, and continues all the way up to the Dead Sea, and intersects with the roads to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

To the Dead Sea, Jerusalem

From the main Bus station, walk down the street till you see the entry to the airport. Turn left, pass the small petrol station on your right, continue past another petrol station on your left, and reach the roundabout just after the end of the airport. You hitch from the bus stop. There is no real need of having a sign with you, since there is only one major direction (North!). You should get rides that continue on Road 90, continuing north after the Arava junction (intersction of highway 90 and 25, where the road to Tel Aviv (25) splits from 90 that continues to Jerusalem), and get to your destination along the Dead Sea shore. If you wish to get to Jerusalem, you need to continue hitchhike north till you get to the northernmost tip of the Dead Sea, and hitchhike West on Highway 1.

To Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva, Mitzpe Ramon

Hitchhike from the same spot as described above. The road to Tel Aviv passes either through Road 90 till the Arava Junction and than west through Dimona, or up north in Road 90, and than turning left in Ketura Junction and continuing up road 40 till Be'er Sheva and Tel Aviv. Highway 40 has much more desert scenery - especially on the approach to Mitzpe Ramon and around Sde Boker, but there is also much less traffic. Try and avoiding getting stuck in the middle of the road, and prefer always petrol stations, rest areas or Kibbutz exits. Remember, this is a desert area!

Sometimes you can also get a direct ride from Eilat to Tel Aviv. If hitchhiking to Mitzpe Ramon it would be best to use a sign, as most traffic going north out of Eilat will not be travelling on Highway 40.

To Taba, Egypt

The Egytian border is only 7.5km away, and it's not really feasible to hitchhike there since most drivers will just get you to one of the hotels in the area. Every hour bus line 15 goes from Eilat main Bus station, and will take you till the border for 4.2 NIS.

Border crossing:

  • You will have to pay an exit fee of 100 shekels in the Israeli border terminal. You are entitled to be exempted of this fee, given you stay only in the Taba area during your entire stay in Egypt - this can be accounted for by showing a reservation to Movenpick, Hilton Taba, Taba Sands or Radisson Blu hotel in Taba. The reservation will be checked with the hotel. There could be a case in which you will be asked to pay the exit fee, and you'll get refunded upon return to Israel showing the check-out receipt with the date of the same day. Alternatively, if you got the exemption but later stayed further into Egypt than Taba, upon re-entry to Israel you'd be asked to pay the full exit fee.
  • The Egyptians issue East-Sinai-only stamps at this crossing, free of charge, so if you want to go to Cairo (actually, any further than Sharm al-Sheikh), they'll make you pay $25 for a visa and anywhere from $100 for "visa support"(handwritten note from a "travel agent") without which they won't give you the full visa... You can avoid the whole visa nightmare by getting an Egyptian visa in advance (from an embassy/consulate) - either in Eilat (100 shekels, 2014, located on Efroni st.) or in your home country - prices: in London (GBP20, November 2017), Schengen countries (EUR38, November 2017).

Craig found it easy to get a lifts around Eilat, even around the border. Stick out your thumb and walk along the roads (10 mins, 5 mins, 5 mins).

uncle_sam01 found it similarly easy to hitch around Eilat.

Hitchiking In

Check the Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Tel Aviv articles.

From Ramon Airport is very easy to hitchhike to Eilat, as it's right on Highway 90. It's a busy road, but you will find a ride to Eilat for sure. Just walk a hundred meters from the airport to the main road and hitchhike from there.


There is a beach about 6km south of the city center, before the Egyptian border. Camping is allowed there and you will meet many other travelers, hippies, backpackers,... There is a water source and shower/toilet available closeby at a beach restaurant/bar. There is even free wifi at the beach.

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