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Beer Sheva
<map lat='32.815' lng='35.03' zoom='11' view='2' country='Israel'/>
Flag of Israel
District (mahoz): Southern District
Population: 205,810 (2016); metropolitan area: 536,500 (2008)
Major roads: 40, 25
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Be'er Sheva is a main city in Israel, often considered the gateway to the Negev region of the country.

Hitchhiking out

Craig was unsuccessful trying to hitch a camel, but this is the region where the crazy have the best chance! Many camels!

A good place to start hitching east is the near (under) Negev Brigade interchange, which can be reached by walking three kilometers or so northeast on Derech Hevron out of the city center.

North to Tel Aviv Jerusalem

From the main bus station take the bus number 8 until the last stop. Then, when you get down the bus, walk a hundred meters in the opposite direction, until you reach the main avenue. There, turn left and walk another 100 meters. You can hitchhike there, direction north, after the light. There isn't any bus stop, but a lot of cars stop. With a sign with "Jerusalem" or "Tel Aviv" maybe it works better, but anyway its super easy.

East to Arad, Dead Sea

From Negev Brigade interchange, hitchhike east to the next major junction ("Shoket"), where road 60 meets road 31 west towards Tel Aviv or road 31 east towards Arad and the hotels area of the Dead Sea. Cars going directly onto highway 6 north won't help you to get to "Shoket" junction, there's no place to let you off and to walk to "Shoket" junction, unless they are willing to do an extra mile to "Shoket" junction, then they can take a left onto highway 31 west on back onto highway 6.

On "Shoket" junction hitch directly to the Dead Sea or to Arad (no point in taking a hitchhike to a beduoin camp along the way (there are plenty) - since most drivers won't stop near bedouin camps for onward journeys) (Google map for Shoket junction road 31 south hitch point).

South to Dimona, Eilat, Aqaba (Jordan), Taba (Egypt)

You can try to hitchhike southwards from the junction of Derekh Eilat (Eilat road inside Be'er Sheva) and Tozeret Ha'Aretz, this is the southern part of civilization before it's all desert. This should get you to Eilat via Mitzpe Ramon on highway 40.

To hitchhike to Eilat via Dimona (eastwards to highway 25 and then southwards to highway 90) - you can try hitchhiking from Yigal Alon blvd, just east of their junction with Derekh Eilat (Eilat road) (Google street view). Another option is to get further under Sarah interchange (Google street view). The road passes through Dimona, meets up with road 90, gets southbound traffic from the Dead Sea (and from Jerusalem) at Ha'Arava Junction, and ends in Eilat. Next to Eilat (a great destination by itself) are Jordanian and Egyptian border crossings.

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