Arad (Israel)

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Arad is a small city in Israel that lies on the border between the Negev and the Judaean Deserts. Though modern Arad was founded in 1962 by young Israelis, most of them ex-kibbutzniks and ex-moshavniks, the alternative vibe isn't very apparent today. It is home to a sizable Russian population and has what is perhaps the best-stocked liquor store in the whole of Israel (Deli Market).

Hitchhiking out

East towards Dead Sea, Massada

Dead Sea - Walk to Ha-Banim Square, and then southwards to the next roundabout 50m away. Once you reach here cross the road and walk a further 50m to your left. There is a bus stop here that's ideal for hitching from. Traffic is plentiful all year round, so you won't be waiting too long. The chances are that your driver will be traveling to Neve Zohar or Ein Bokek, as many people who work there commute from Arad. Just before Neve Zohar, you'll meet the junction for Highway 90, so if you're going south then ask to get off here.

Massada - You have two options, you can either go via the Dead Sea or directly from Arad using route 3199. A benefit of using this route is that is much shorter it allows you to travel to Massada and then onwards to the Dead Sea. Unfortunately that this road is very quite (for example the tour companies go there via the Dead Sea), so be prepared to wait. You should walk to the end of the town until you reach Tsor St, at which point you turn left and walk up the street until you reach Mishmar St. Note that the town cemetary is about 2km up this road, so most of the cars passing are only going there and won't offer you a ride. Jamesor2 waited in vain for 2 hours at the junction of Tsor St & Mishmar St and decided to quit and go via the Dead Sea (December 2019).