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File:Openp.jpg|[[User:Timmy_tofu|Timmy Tofu]] hitching in in [[Taiwan]].
Image:TimmyTofuTaiwan.jpg|[[User:Timmy_tofu|Timmy Tofu]] hitching in in [[Taiwan]].
File:Openp.jpg|Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, November 2010
Image:DSCF4096.JPG|Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, November 2010
File:Openp.jpg|Hitchwiki user Maxijazz hitchhiking in [[France]].
Image:Infrance.jpg|Hitchwiki user Maxijazz hitchhiking in [[France]].

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This is a template for the Picture of the Moment of the main page. Everybody is free to add his hitchhiking-pictures to the main page and share it together with all the hitchhikers out there. Maximum amount of pictures at one time is 3.

Well, how to add my pictures now?

That's easy.

  • First you upload the file. Click here to do so. After uploading the image you have to remember the filename and return to this template.
  • Second, you click on the edit Button at the top of the article. Then a textbox appears where you can change all the text here.
  • Third, you type in the following code under the ==Add your image(s) below== text, inside <gallery>-tags.
  • Instead of Filename.jpg you fill in the name of the file, and instead of description...well, you'll get it :)
  • At all, don't panic about style and stuff. If you make a mistake, doesn't matter. The wiki-syntax isn't that easy, but there' enough hitchhikers out there who will fix it fast.
  • Thanks a lot!

Add your image(s) below

  • Please add your to the front and move the last one to "Images used in the past". We only want 3 pictures at a time on the front page.

Images used in past