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File:Gerben getting out of skopje.JPG
Getting out of Skopje, Macedonia on a nice day in July 2009
File:Gerben Ethiopia to Kenya.JPG
Hitchhiking on a truck in Ethiopia, just south of Addis Abeba, July 2010
I can host you in Utrecht, Netherlands

Until 31/12/10 I can host you in Utrecht if you pass by. (hc and cs username is the same: gerbennap)


Gerben is a Dutch student, formerly in Delft doing civil engineering, but has now almost finished his degree in liberal arts and sciences in Utrecht (mainly social geography and international relations), where he has lived for the past three years. He first started hitchhiking on Queensday 2006, and got picked up by a Brazilian air acrobat who told him she always picked up hitchhikers when she saw them. Going only from Delft to Amsterdam that day, he decided that it must be possible to go further as well. So far, he has hitchhiked criss-cross through Europe in all directions, and has made several bigger trips: in 2008 he hitchhiked from NL to Russia and back, while in 2009 he hitchhiked from NL to China, passing Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia en route. In the summer of 2010 he hitchhiked from Egypt to Kenya, passing Sudan and Ethiopia on the way.

Currently, he is planning his first Atlantic crossing by boat after his graduation in December.


My blog, I have quite a few stories on here.

Hitchhiking experience


Memorable experiences

  • Fastest ride: 260km/h on the Autobahn around Berlin
  • Longest ride: approx. 3000 km (Aktau to Astana in Kazakhstan in a limousine-turned-batmobile that was participating in the Mongol Rally.
  • Longest wait: 4 hrs, in Berlin trying to get out of the city, but that was when he was still a rookie and did not know about awesome sites like
  • Had several rides with four people at a time, in Lithuania and in Turkey along the Black Sea coast.
  • Have had rides with motorcycles twice, in Greece and in Sudan.
  • Have also been allowed to drive for my drivers numerous times (also in the limousine :))

There are really too many experiences that are each worth mentioning, but they are best left for a talk under a tree with a good beer.


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