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Flag of England England
Language: English
Capital: London
Population: 50,714,000
Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP £)
Hitchability: from Bad.png (bad) to Good.png (good)
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England is a country in the United Kingdom. The capital city is London. Hitchhiking can be quite hard; it is not the easiest country of the Kingdom. Especially in the (richer) South, where people tend to be "posher" and more individualistic, there is sometimes little understanding on why you don't just take a train or "get a job".

For more general information about hitchhiking within England, check out the United Kingdom article. For specific cities in England, have a look below.

Hitchhiking to/from England

The UK being an island, you will need to cross the English Channel, which is quite possible as a hitchhiker, and can be done as a free car passenger on one of the ferries or by the Channel Tunnel between Dover, England and Calais or Dunkerque, France.

It's possible to hitchhike several ferry lines going to England. Just hitchhike a car or a truck that's going to the ferry and you pay nothing because the car is already paid for.

More information on the English channel page.

Ferry companies



Public transport

England is not a great country for using public transport without paying, pretty much impossible on buses as with very few exceptions you purchase a ticket from the driver, and hard on trams. For short hops on local trains, it's possible, and from stations without a ticket office, where one is expected to buy a ticket on board the train, it's often possible to simply look out of the window or pay attention to a book, and the conductor won't bother you. The same is just as possible from a station with a ticket office, however, if caught the penalty ranges from from being expected to pay a higher fare, to being fined £20 or more, and to having your details taken and risking a criminal record; and you should weigh up the risk against the cost of paying the fare. Be also warned about stations where you need to a ticket to get off the platform, stations such as at Cambridge and at London King's Cross.

Nationalrail website will offer fares at four times discount in advance one or two weeks . It is possible to buy discounted tickets on most lines via nationalrail.co.uk up until 6pm the day before travel. Much cheaper is megabus or nationalexpress - in advance two or three weeks, although cheap tickets can also be bought on day of travel via their websites for many routes.

External links

A rather extensive overview on hitching in England is offered on the website of "Bristol Jailbreak"

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