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Stansted is an airport north of London in the region East of England located in the vicinity of Bishop's Stortford. From the airport, a bus journey is 8 pound into London with coaches doing the journey regularly. The airport is also connected by train to London Liverpool Station.

Hitchhiking out

To London

The quickest way to get a ride is to approach people on the car parks. Either walk up to them when getting in their cars, or stand next to the machines where people pay for their parking time. To get to the car parks you can follow the signs to the bus terminals where long-distance busses by National Express etc. depart. When you're in front of the long-distance bus terminals, turn left. The whole airport is surrounded by carparks though, so it's very easy to spot a car park when you left the building.

If you prefer to stand at the side of the road: Out of the arrivals terminal, head towards the signs for the Bus Station, turn right when you get to the buses and just follow the path, eventually walking through some car parks. There are plenty of sign prohibiting to walk in direction of the roundabout but lots of people still walk there. The roundabout is about a 10 minute walk from the terminal. Go towards the sign saying the M11 towards London. Decent spot, never had to wait to long, usually ends up faster than the bus.


Being so far from London with a lot of flight transfers, there is always lots of people sleeping at the airport without necessarily be disturbed. You actually might have to hurry to get your personal remote corner of the hard floors. In short, Stansted stays a great airport to spend the night in... and probably will stay as such if the people are not abusing of the suppleness of the airport authority, which appear to not always be the case when you spend time at Stansted so please don't feed by being a potential problem while sleeping over, Be diligent! Info: AirportSleeping-Stansted

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