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Flag of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Language: English, Irish, Ulster Scots
Capital: Belfast
Population: 1,775,000
Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP £), Euro (€)
Hitchability: Good.png (good)
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Northern Ireland is a part of Ireland, but is technically under jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Unlike the Irish Republic which uses the Euro the currency in Northern Ireland is the British Pound. Hitchhiking is usually quite good, comparable to Ireland. Northern Ireland is connected to Scotland and to England via ferry (not hitchable) to Larne and Belfast.

Hitching along the coast from a little ways north of Belfast up to and around Giant's Causeway is lovely. Be sure to stand where there is room to see you and pull over. People were very wonderful in picking me up, but I'm a woman. Many said they wouldn't stop for men alone, though they very rarely see hitch hikers anymore. Be sure to look nice, dress well, for easier rides.

For more detailed hitchhiking information, you should check the article Ireland.


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