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Flag of British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
Language: English
Capital: Road Town
Population: 23,100
Currency: US Dollar (USD)
Hitchability: Very good
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<map lat='18.45' lng='-64.7' zoom='9' view='0' country='British Virgin Islands'/>

The British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory, located in the Caribbean to the east of the US Virgin Islands. The road network consists of only 177km. 100 times more beautiful, friendly and hitchable than the US Virgin Islands, although unfortunately culture has picked up one bad North American habit - expected tipping.

Virgin Gorda island is one of the most beautiful places to hitch hike standing in the back of a utility, on lovely windy hilly roads, looking out and seeing the sea creeping into all the sounds/coves in every direction. The locals are wonderful and will most likely go out of their way to take you where you want to go if you are polite and thankful (as you should be generally).

Nothing is easier than hitching in the BVI---the local people there are uncommonly friendly and hitching is a regular means of transportation. Obviously on the more remote, under-populated islands, finding traffic is the challenge. But otherwise, it is very safe. Safer than walking along the road, I would say. The British Virgin Islands are mountainous and steep, and it is said that most of the roads were originally goat paths that were simply paved over and therefore can be very steep, winding, and at times, terrifying. Be advised that there really isn't any speed limit and the locals are not shy about whipping around hairpin turns overlooking sharp cliffs.

The final paragraph below placed here previously is not only incorrect and obviously not researched but is also the perfect example of the type of scare information on hitchwiki that you should take with a grain (or more) of salt. The drink driving limit has been 0.08% (same as the U.K.) since the early 1990's and the crime rate is much lower than that of almost all european countries:

"We were also told by one guy who picked us up that there are no laws against drinking and driving. So you may want to have some discretion about whose car you jump in---we've found that at night even some of our cab drivers were visibly wasted. Ah, the island life. Obviously, single women should always take more precautions and I would only recommend single women travelers to hitch during the day. While the majority of the locals are extremely friendly and helpful, there still were incidents of violent crimes and crimes against tourists. And as a young female traveler myself, I noticed that some of the younger men loved themselves a tourist girl and could be quite aggressive. Other than that fair warning, hitch on."