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Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis
Language: English
Capital: Basseterre
Population: 50,314
Currency: East Carribean Dollar (XCD)
Hitchability: Good.
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Saint Kitts and Nevis is a small two-island nation in the Caribbean located in a chain of islands called the Lesser Antilles.

There are many multi-million dollar developments being built (2014 onwards) in the very north-west (looks great when sailing past) and in the very south-east of St. Kitts.

Hitching is easy once out of Basseterre and people (again, out of Basseterre) are very friendly. Anywhere on Nevis is easy to hitch.

In the Caribbean, it is probably the most difficult place to hitch onto boats, so hopefully you have some really good luck. There are also no ferries, so if you hitched here (like I did) then look for lifts out as soon as you arrive as you will probably have to wait. The new marina being built in what was the Great Salt Pond in the south of St. Kitts, 'Christophe Harbour' is being developed very slowly and currently only docks super/luxury yachts. The owners of the developments yacht is the 'Andromeda' and security will not let you near it or any other vessel; hitching a (car) lift with the captain didn't assist in getting a ride.

The anchorage and tiny docks of Basseterre are your best bet. Security will stop you going into the docks so just tell them you're friends are coming by dinghy shortly. The best (and generally most popular anchorage) is at White House bay, out from the amazing beach/pier restaurant, Salt Plage (just before Christophe Harbour). You will be kicked out of the restaurant immediately if you just go in asking people for a ride. Try to go there before the restaurant opens and meet the captains if they come ashore, or of course swim-out. Best luck!



None. (extremely rarely there will be a ferry to St. Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles) which is to the north-west.


There are two passenger-only ferries from Basse-terre (St. Kitts) to Charlestown (Nevis), and a cheaper (car and passenger) ferry, "The Sea Bridge" from Majors Bay, St. Kitts, across The Narrows to/from Westbury, Nevis. The Sea Bridge costs per person and per vehicle so hitching onto cars to get onto the ferry will not save you any money.