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Puerto Rico is a territory of United States of America.

Hitchhiking in Puerto Rico itself from any place to any place even inside of the towns is quite easy and people are very friendly. Mostly they are worried about your safety. I am hitchhiking here over 2 weeks every day and till now I haven't had one bad experience, so don't let the natives put you down. Its possible and it's easy.

Hitchhiking out of San Juan

West towards Arecibo, Aguadilla, Isabela, Mayaguez Route 2

From the end station of the San Juan's Metro "Bayamon". You just go out of the metro and turn to your right. Go down the stairs leading to the junction. You cross the street and then you will directly see the sign of Arecibo, at that moment you actually hit the older route 2, which takes almost all the people and there is wide lane for stopping and the cars are going really slow.

I was waiting at this point around 5 minutes. Here you can see the videos: [1] [2]

Hitchhiking in Vieques

Very easy to hitchhike around this small island off the East Coast, especially if you are going between Isabel and Esperanza. I waited around 5 minutes for each ride. I felt safe as a solo female traveler even with male drivers. Several police officers passed my outstretched thumb and did not stop.


Title 9, subsection 1103

(a) no person shall stand on the main-traveled portion of a public highway for the purpose of:
(1)soliciting a ride or the custody of a motor vehicle parked or to be parked

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