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Flag of Honduras Honduras
Language: Spanish
Capital: Tegucigalpa
Population: 7,483,763 (Sept 2007 estimate)
Currency: Lempira (HNL)
Hitchability: <rating country='hn' />
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<map lat='14.5' lng='-86.5' zoom='6' view='0' country='Honduras'/>

Honduras is a country in Central America.

It borders Nicaragua to the south, Guatemala to the north and El Salvador to the north-west and west.

Hitchhiking is generally easy in Honduras. It is a quite poor country and a lot of people don't have cars. Rides come readily from people with pick-up trucks and it is not rare to see locals hitch-hiking.

Like in most of Central-America, there are lots of minibusses and not so easy to spot taxis on the road, be sure you know if you're paying or hitching free when you climb in any type of vehicle. Here people refer to hitch-hiking as jalón or ride, pedir jalón and buscar un ride are common expressions.

Personal Experiences

Honduras offered a unique experience, since the country is not frequented by many thumbers, especially on the northern roads to the coast. I hitched the long dirt road to La Union from the north to just above Tegucigalpa. It's a rough ride that's worth the butt ache.-Chael777
Started hitching in Honduras. Awesome experience! Really easy on all vehicles. Use thumb as usual. -Craig
  • hichhiked between march to mid april 2016(as well as using buses). The public transportation is significantly more exspensive than guatemala, el salvador and nicaragua. You can end up paying 6-8 US for 3 hour ride whence in the other countries it will carry you a way longer way. It is especially easy to hich hike on the main road (No5) that connect san pedro sula and tegucigalpa. Unlike El Salvador you might need to raise your hand for a short while - Kodo