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Flag of Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
State: Belfast
Population: 270,000
Licence plate: -
Major roads: M1,M2,M3,M22
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Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Portadown and South towards Newry, Dublin

There is a new-built roundabout at the beginning of the M1, 'Broadway Roundabout'. Get beside the left lane on the traffic lights just before the motoway exit. Here you can approach stopped cars for a ride. Be careful.

If you want to go to Dublin there are two options. You can get on the A1 right after Lisburn. There is an exit about 2 KM after the town. You should take the second roundabout after leaving the motorway. There is plenty of space for cars to stop on Hillsborough Road, A1 as there is a red lane at the side. (location on map)

A better option, however (and much closer to city centre) seems to be as follows. From the town hall, walk south on Linehall st. This becomes Maryville st. -- keep going south. When you arrive at Donegall Pass, turn right and keep walking for about 20 minutes. Stay on Donegall road until you get to a huge roundabout with a big white sphere structure in the middle. Walk around the roundabout and just past the McDonalds there is a little metal barrier next to where the M1 starts. On the other side of this barrier, right before the sign for the M1 highway is an excellent spot. There is plenty of room for the cars to turn in, you are easily visible, and best of all you are not technically on the highway yet, so nobody can be mad at you. Most traffic here will be going south in the Dublin direction.

Northwest towards Derry

Take the number 96 bus (leaves from the city center) until you get to Dargan Crescent. Walk up to Dargan Rd, then turn left until you hit the M2. There's a good spot at the roundabout just before the bridge where cars can pull over.

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