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<map lat='50.729936133938146' lng='-1.9730758666992188' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Poole (Dorset) is a town and major port at the south-west coast of England, United Kingdom.

The city of Poole forms a vast conurbation with its neighbouring towns of Bournemouth and Christchurch.

There are daily ferries to Cherbourg, France leaving the city and also fast ferry to Jersey and Guernsey (Channel Islands) and further south to St-Malo during the summer season.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Salisbury, in order to go West towards Bristol (A338)

Head to the Cooper Dean Roundabout near Bournemouth Hospital. On the opposite side of the Wessex Way to the Toby Carvery there's a bus stop on the slip road where cars join the dual carriageway. It's an ideal spot to wait for a lift to Salisbury, and if you can get to the A36 on the west side of Salisbury you should be able to find a lift to Bristol.

North towards Southampton, London (M3)

From From Poole or Bournemouth, take the bus M2 until the stop at the corner of Ashley Road - North Road, from there walk in direction of Sea View and walk Sea View road and further north on Ringwood Road. After about 1-2 miles you will be at the corner of Herbert Avenue and Ringwood Road and you can hitch just before the bus stop facing the Shop-Post Office. If you go up Ringwood Road just about a mile further, there's two more roundabouts - if hitch after the last one (where there is a bus stop) you're on the main Ringwood road where all the traffic passes you by. The best option is to accept a ride at least until Southampton Services although there might be some potential spot along the road to Ringwood before the motorway starts.

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