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Flag of United Kingdom
United Kingdom
State: South West England
Population: 428,200
Major roads: M 4 M 5 M 32 M 48 M 49
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Bristol is biggest city in the south west England, UK.

Hitchhiking In

From the Airport

Bristol airport is well served by public transport, but hitchhiking into the city is easy as well: after leaving the Airport building turn right, and then left at the roundabout into the A38 road. Just after the traffic lights there is a pub, "The Airport Tavern", a total of 10 min walk from the airport building. Cars tend to go slow as the pub is right after the traffic lights, and in front of the pub there is enough space for them to stop. About 40 yards away towards Bristol there is a bus stop with even more space. Waiting times of less than 30min were experienced an early sunday morning, but during busier times it might be less.

Along A38

If you are in the South Bristol Cemetery area, next to the Langford Road Bus station there is a recess in the road used as parking spot with plenty of space for cars to stop. This is not a busy spot, but waiting times of less than 30 minutes are nonetheless been experienced.

Hitchhiking Out

To London, Birmingham & Cardiff

There are two spots to leave Bristol from the center, the M32 Silvey Services opposite Staples. This is a Shell petrol station, which is an excellent hitching spot. Signing from just next to the exit, cars are able to pull in or pick you up as they leave the petrol station and whilst not all lanes can pick you up, you are highly visible and all cars will pass you. Normally less than 15 minute wait, though Jonathan has waited up to 90 minutes. Many cars will not be going to London but don't be stressed.

About one kilometer further after the roundabout there is a long hard shoulder next with enough space for cars to stop.

Where the Avon ring road (A4174) meets the M32 you can try to get a lift standing by the traffic lights next to the roundabout which is right before the slip road. (Which is better than M32 in center; but 7 km north of center.)

Going north towards Birmingham/M 5

There is a bus (number 309 or 310) that goes from the bus station to a village called Almondsbury which is really close to the M 5 and also far away from the Bristol suburbs. This is for those annoyed by hitching around suburb traffic. Alternatively walk north along Gloucester Road and in about 11km you will get there.

A third option is to take the 1, 2, 3, or 54 bus to Cribbs Causeway, get off just before the shopping centre itself. There's a roundabout by the Redwood Farm pub (formely the Lamb and Flag) with a lay by of sorts just after it (it's actually a junction for a tiny side road). It's not a great spot but it's a lot nearer than Almondsbury. There's also a petrol station a little further back towards Bristol which could be worth a try.

Going South towards Taunton and Exeter/M 5

M5 junction 19

The Clifton Suspension Bridge out of town narrows into a one lane road over a ravine , and drivers have to pay a toll to get on. While you're not allowed to wait at the barrier , the time it took for the guy to get out of his booth and walk over to me to tell me this was all the time I needed to get a ride to Exeter (it looked like it wouldn't be too hard to wait either before or after the bridge, either). From the city centre, you can get a local bus (#8 and #9 both work) for £1.70 that'll take you to within about 200m of the bridge.

There's a big service station near Easton-in-Gordano at M 5 Junction 19 . The good news is, hitching (in my experience) gets easier as you head South and West! Southbound from J19 Easton-in- Gordano services can be very slow at holiday traffic times - two hours or even six , especially in summer. Northbound hitching is also dificult. Bristol to J19 is 7 km walk

Another place to hitch FROM Bristol to M 5 South is at the start of A369 - Clanage Rd - by U.W.E Bower Ashton Art Dept.

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