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<map lat='50.623924518530534' lng='-2.4259185791015625' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Weymouth is a beach resort and port in Dorset on the South-West coast of England, United Kingdom.

Weymouth is one departure port to the Channel Islands (more precisely, Jersey and Guernsey) with sailing leaving all year round through fast ferry.

The bay of Weymouth will also be the host area for the sailing competition for the next 2012 London Olympics which will obviously drawn a lot of people in this tiny resort of the Jurassic Coast. For the Olympic purpose, the actual dual-carriage way is suppose to be modified in the coming years to support the forthcoming flow of traffic since this road is the only 'non-local' access road to the peninsula of Weymouth-Portland.

The nearest main town is Poole, located approximately 30 miles to the East.

Hitchhiking out

The only direction to hitch from Weymouth is towards North, mainly in direction of Dorchester. Although Weymouth is not the best place to hitch from as the roads are confusing and the town a bit sprawled which would requires you to walk a certain distance out of town to hitch a ride as hitching from downtown has revealed useless

There is also a local road heading North-East (Greenhill - Preston Road), which would be a short cut to go in direction of Poole but might not end up being the wisest choice.

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