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Flag of England
State: Yorkshire and the Humber
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York is a city in the North of England. It is a major tourist attraction due to its historic status and its world-famous cathedral.

Hitchhiking out

South toward Leeds

The best approach is probably to wait on the slip-road to the A64 off the A19, south of the city. Buses serving the Retail Village from the centre of town will take you there and costs £1.40, but the walk is manageable (about 40 minutes).

Alternatively there is a petrol station just beyond the Racecourse and then York college (take the blue coastliner 840/842/843/844/845 or it's a 2 mile walk from the city centre) on the southbound side just before the A64 which then leads to the A1 and M1 southbound.

While the A1036 might look like a straightforward route towards the A64 it seems to be an unusual route for drivers and there is nowhere to stop on the A64 slip road.


Join the A64 at the end of Hull Road (A1079). There is a bus stop which serves as a convenient stopping point for cars.

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