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Valencia is a major city in Spain. People are not used to seeing hitchhikers, but at the major petrol stations there are many foreigners whom you can ask for lifts. There are three main motorways to Barcelona ( AP-7 ), Madrid ( A-3 ), and along the coast south towards Alicante, Granada and Sevilla (A7, AP7).

Hitching around

If you are coming from the north (e.g. from Barcelona) and wish to go south or west, ask your driver to leave you at the Sagunto service station (Area de servicio de Sagunto) where there is a large truck parking lot and a restaurant for drivers on long-distance journeys. The GPS coordinates of Sagunto service station are 39.64970, -0.30268.

Hitching out

North or South on A7 highway

First option

There is a petrol station right on the A7 close to Sagunt, where you can get on either side, depending which direction you want to go. Heading north is very easy, normally it doesn't take long to get a good lift, maybe even directly to France, heading south is more difficult. Jeensg experienced both ways to be good. jorenvanveen and his buddy Ruben had more difficulties, waiting 6 hours, before getting a small ride to Castellón.

You have to take the bus or train to Sagunt and walk like 3.5 km south-south-west - Carrer de la Pau, Cami de Gausa, Carrer de Lliria. You should look it up on Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps to not get lost the first time you go there, because it is all through very tiny roads! Watch out that you don't get on the BP petrol station on the V-23. osm

Second option

There is a new-built petrol station just a little north of the division of the motorway into  A-7  and  AP-7 , close to Torrent. Take metro line 1 direction Villanueva de Castellón and get off at Realón or Sant Ramon stations, which are about a 25 minute ride from centre. There you have to go direction Santa Apolonia, check before on GoogleMaps or OpenStreetMaps, it's about a 4 km walk.

Third option

Attention: In September 2021, AP-7 became free of charge and consequently the toll booths were removed. Cars don't need to slow down at this part of the highway where the toll booths used to be. This option is as viable as hitchhiking on the open highway.

Another way to travel North or maybe South (at least to Valencia) is to take the train towards Castellon, and get off the train at Les Valls (note that few trains stop at this station.) There is a Peaje section on the AP-7 around 250m from the station which can be accessed by walking over the bridge and down a dirt track. This location works very well, and is well lit, meaning hitching at night is possible. A ride to Barcelona or France is easily possible from here, and guarantees a faster ride than taking the N340. The toll workers don't like seeing people hitchhiking on the motorway, of course, but you can compromise by waiting on the lawn next to the toll building. Quite a few truckers seem to stop for a pee there, and you can ask them for a lift to the next service station.

North to Tarragona, Barcelona

Drive-up way to road V-21 in the north of the town. Take the tram and get off the station Universidad Politécnica or bus (9, 18, 29 or 41) and drop off at Tarongers avenue. Hitchike around bus stop or you can wait also right beside the metal university tower. There is plenty of traffic leaving town heading north.

South towards Alicante E 15, Sevilla

There is a roundabout just where the motorway starts in Valencia. This is a good place where cars can stop but it is at the edge of the city. Use a sign. You can get rides to Alicante, Granada and Sevilla, either by the 'national motorway'  A-7  through the center or the toll-motorway along the coast  AP-7 .

The roundabout is located on the street Ave. de Ausiàs March in the south of the city, close to the river. It is a 25–35 minute walk from the main train station, and metro stations Joaquín Sorolla-Jesus or Xativa. You can also take the buses number 6 (Ausias March-Na Rovella stop, 5 min. walking away), 7 or 13 (Fonteta de Sant Lluis-Riu Sec stop, 5 min. walking away), 8 or 64 (Boulevard Sud-Ausiàs March stop). The best choice is to go there by bus number 8, taking it at Plaça de l'ajuntament, Plaça de la Reina or Central train station on Nuevo hospital La Fe direction. See here a map of the location of the roundabout in Valencia.

If you find it hard to get a lift from the roundabout, there is a petrol station very close by where you can try to ask for a lift from the people tanking up there.

West towards Madrid E 901

Fuel station Repsol

Fuel station Repsol (46930 Quart de Poblet) on the A-3 motorway just out from town. You can go there from the center with the metrobus 160 (C.C Bonaire direction) or 170 (El Vedat direction) and stop at the Cami Nou busstop.

El Pont fuel station / rest place out of city

Bus 260A or 260B till Área De Servicio El Pont (ticket costs few euro)

Hitchhiking ferry to Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza

Please add information if you have experience hitchhiking a ferry there.

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