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<map lat='39.6' lng='2.9' zoom='9' view='3' height='350' />
Flag of Spain
Population: 876,000
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Mallorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is the biggest island of the balearic islands. It is very touristic.


Hitchhiking in Mallorca is very easy. Besides locals there is a lot of tourists (especially German) driving around in rented cars (especially in summer), which will give you a lift. Waiting time rarely excedes 15 minutes. Locals tend to be very friendly and curious, although they mostly don't speak english, so it is good to know few words in Catalan or Spanish.

Akephalos hitchhiking to the mountains.

The Ferry


Mallorca is very touristic, thus prices of accomodation are high. Getting a Couchsurfing host also isn't easy. Even tough wild caming is illegal it is possible, just make sure you stick to common sense rules, arrive late, leave early. It's also possible to ask firemen at the station, if you can oversleep at their yard.