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<map lat='44.12' lng='15.25' zoom='12' view='0' />
Flag of Croatia
Population: 91,200
Licence plate: ZD
Major roads: E 65
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Zadar is a city on the adriatic coast in Croatia. There many small nearby islands which can be reached by a hitchhiking a boat.

Hitchhiking out

South Šibenik, Split

From the central Bus station you will have to walk 1 km the Ante Starcevića until there is a really big cross. Then you turn right on to the Jadranska cesta. This road is heading to Šibenik and Split. After 200 m you will find a bus stop where you can place yourself. Landscape on the coastal road is much more beautiful.

East & North Zagreb, Rijeka

The main highway starts about 10 km away, therefore if someone offers to take you there, it's best to agree. From there, if you want to go to Zagreb, go to the péage (cestarina). There are two ways to Rijeka, one of them is the same highway, the other is along the coast.

Option 1

The street is named Zagrebačka ulica and can be easily reached by walking straight up East (leaving the sea behind) from the main bus station on Anta Starcevića or taking buses 4 or 6 from there (be sure you get into the one going the right direction! There are two bus stops on the same side of the street across the bus station, and you want the one on the East side; when not sure, ask the driver if they are going towards Supernova shopping mall, otherwise you might end up taking a long tour around Zadar). For bus 6, you want to get out at Supernova and go back to the main road (just on the side of the mall), there is a bus stop there. For bus 4, get out at Crno (the first stop when it goes out of the Zagrebačka) and get back to the road, there is a bus stop, as well. No shade, so have water to survive Balkan summer heat.

Option 2

Stand at/around the INA gas station on Zagrebačka, right before Ul Antuna Dobronića. You can catch both the passing traffic and ask around the gas station. You can walk there from the old town in around 45 mins.


There is an abandoned campground at the end of Karma road Kkarma ulika). Just next to Tequila Sunrise Cafe. Locals go there to swim during the day. People sometimes pitch their tents for a few days. Also you can find some more private spot right before the Sunrise cafe in the Olive Garden. Please leave the place clean as there was a lot of trash last time we were there and the spot is really nice. Here is geo location (44.0962027, 15.2480287)

Please DON'T do it south of the city, there are areas left which are contaminated with landmines.

Old town of Zadar

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