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<map lat='43.50647995572425' lng='16.483869552612305' zoom='9' view='3' />
Flag of Croatia
State: Split-Dalmatia County
Population: 221.456 (2007)
Licence plate: ST
Major roads: -
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Split is the largest Dalmatian city and the second-largest urban centre in Croatia.

Hitchhiking out

South-East towards Dubrovnik and Bosnia

Option 1

To hitch a ride out of Split direction Dubrovnik take bus #25 direction Stobrec. The road Magistrala leads all the way out of town, so the best option is just to stand on the side, watch out for a good spot and wait until somebody stops.

Option 2

Alternatively, you can take bus #35 to Dugopolje and get off at the first stop after the sign saying Dugopolje. From here, it's a 15 min uphill walk to a gas station where you can ask people. The road forks quite quickly after this gas station both in north-west and south-east direction.

Option 3

Bus 60 tıll the end of the lıne. There are some facılıtıes and shade

Option 4

Bus station Narodne Garde. From the city center, ou go at the end of street Poljička Cesta towards the east, turn right, then you are on street Ul Zbora Narodne Garde and there is the bus station. It takes 45 min to go there from the city center. Otherwise, you can take the bus

North towards Rijeka and Zagreb

Option 1

Bus stop next to Hostel Šakić /Ul. Luke Botića 2-34 on road 8

Option 2

Take a bus to Dugopolje (about 2 euros in kunas) and ask to be dropped near the n Solinska street, across from Zagrebacka bank toll station from there you can get a ride to any town north and even to Slovenia or Italy. There's a sign saying "No Autostop" but it's very unlikely that you will have any problem. Bus number 35 also bring you close to it

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