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<map lat='45.79338211440398' lng='15.970001220703125' zoom='11' view='3' float='right'/>
Flag of Croatia
State: City of Zagreb
Population: 804,200
Licence plate: ZG
Major roads: A1, A2, A3, A4, A11
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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.

Hitchhiking out

Direction Karlovac, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Šibenik and Split, Dalmatia

File:Zagreb t0ma5.jpg
Street that leads to the Lučko toll station

To get to the Lučko ramp (toll station) on the motorway you have to catch tram #4 or #7 and get out at stop Savski most, or #5, #14,or #17 and get out at stop "St. dom Stjepan Radić". Savski most a bus terminal where you can catch buses #111 or #132. These buses pass by the pay tolls "Lučko". Get off after 15 minutes of ride at bus stop Put Za Leskovac . You can recognise a big restaurant "Calypso". Once you get off you will see that one road goes over the bridge - take the other road that doesn't go over the bridge, take first left and go through the parking lot and voila! you're there.

Also if you walk a bit highway forward you get on the Crodux petrol station. There is less traffic than on tolls.

Direction Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Belgrade and Bosnia

Optioon 1 INA Lučko fuel station / rest stop on highway

Bus 112 till Lučko (final stop) and walk 500 metres

Bus 164 or 168 till Puškarićeva-škola and walk Lucko street 1.5 km

Optioon 2 From city

Bus 279, 281, 282 till Lj.Posav.-Rimski Put and walk back to Slavonska Avenija

Direction Budapest, Varazdin and Cakovec

Crodux fuel station / rest stop on highway. Bus 273 till last stop Lužan-Zeleni Vijenac (someone entered this bus from the middle door as well).Walk 3 km forward Ul. Augusta Šenoe. There is a gravel road after you cross over the highway which you can easily reach by going a couple hundred meters past the highway (no need to try and cross the ditch to reach it.) As you approach the gas station fence and the road turns to lead around the back you will see a gap where you can easily hop the fence and follow a well formed path directly to the parking lot. It should be just a handful of meters after the curve and very easy to notice. There are also plenty of good places where one can pitch a tent

Direction Ljubljana, Austria, Novo Mesto

Optioon 1 INA Lučko fuel station / rest stop on highway'

Bus 112 till Lučko (final stop) and walk 500 metres

Bus 164 or 168 till Puškarićeva-škola and walk Lucko street 1.5 km

Optioon 2 From town

Get to the Ljubljanska avenija and find a bus stop to hitchike. Best with a Slovenia sign. Don't take rides that don't take you at least to the border - There is no good places to hitchhike further down the road.

Optioon 3 Take a bus to the highway

This option takes you a bit longer to get started with (nearly an hour), it takes you directly to the highway though.

North, direction Maribor, Graz, Vienna

Optioon 1 Zaprešić toll station

From the Črnomerec and Ljubljanica bus terminal there's a free bus (red or white colour) to West Gate shopping centre which is adjacent to Zaprešić toll station. The toll station is very close to the shopping center, you can see it from the parking lot where the bus arrives. But you will have to cross a bit of water. Don't try this in the dark. Look for one of the areas with stones covered by metal or just walk about 300 metre in opposite direction of the shopping mall and you will find a little bridge, handy! then come back to the toll station.

If you're heading to Slovenia or further you'll have to make it to the Macelj-Kozminci border crossing, from where you can easily get rides far into Germany.

Optioon 2 INA Jakovlje fuel station

Train till Kupljenovo and get on Kolodvorska ulica after big highway turn right road. Total walk is 2 km

Optioon 3 Ljubljanska avenue upramp

Bus to King Cross shopping center or simply walk along Ljubljanska avenija until you reach the on-ramp of the highway. The spot is an approach road of a nearby, not very frequented truck park and offers great visibility and space to pull over for bypassing drivers.

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