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with 8 ppl we hitched a ride. Mexican pick-up!

"After he hatched, little dinosaur wanted to see what the world was like. So off he went"

That was my favorite book growing up, and it illustrates my life pretty well. I have a lot of hitchhiking experience, as well as cycling and hitchbiking (37 countries to be exact and childishly boast about it). I continuously traveled without a plan for two years, was moneyless for a year and a half, transitioned by living off the coins I found by the side of the road and now I'm getting slightly tired from such an extreme lifestyle so I got myself seasonally employed in a small hotel in Norway.

If you're around Jotunheimen, Oppland, Norway, come say hello!

Travel blog:

PS: my real name is not Uyku Tulumu (which is Turkish for sleeping bag), it's just Lea, and I was born in a country that doesn't exist anymore but now hold a Croatian passport.