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I am a Moravian hitchhiker. When I was a child, I read many travelogues, also hitchhiking ones, and started hitchhiking at the age of 18. As of June 2019, I've done some 25 000 km, most of which either in Central Europe or on my way to Russia and Scandinavia. I study architecture and my hobbies are music, languages, history and graphic design. I have a simple website[1] about my travels and (Czech only) a Telegram channel[].


Longest ride: 580 km (10 hours) with a truck from Sviyazhsk to Vladimir (Russia)

Rare rides: from a police escort in central Russia, getting a ride 3 times from the same French pensioners in northern Sweden.

Favourite destinations: Istrian interior, Polish route 28 through the Carpathians, Bosnia

Future plans: Ireland, Iran&Turkey, Montenegro, Newfoundland and eastern Canada.