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I am a Moravian hitchhiker, currently studying architecture in Weimar. When I was a child, I read many travelogues, also hitchhiking ones, and started hitchhiking at the age of 18. As of October 2020, I've done some 45 000 km, most of which either in Central Europe or on my journeys to Russia and Scandinavia, Ireland and Iran. I study architecture and my hobbies are music, languages, history and graphic design. I have a simple website[1] about my travels and a Polarsteps profile[2].


Longest rides: 600 km (9 hours) with a truck from Chabahar to Bam (Iran), 580 km (10 hours) with a truck from Sviyazhsk to Vladimir (Russia)

Rare rides:

From a police escort with a detained person in central Russia.

Crazy ride from a crazy Arab on the bed his pickup through Khuzestan.

Getting a ride 3 times from the same retired French pair in northern Sweden.

Getting a ride 2 times from the same retired Guardists in Chabahar and in Kerman - 1000 km and 3 days from each other!

When hitchhiking to visit my friend in Salzburg 400 km away, a pair stopped for me going to the same destination. It turned out that the driver is his brother also going to visit him.

In late February 2020 I rode with a suffering Kamaz truck with a loading capacity of 8 tons but loaded with 24 tons of hardware. This meant that we did the 50 km of the windy border road between Armenia and Azerbaijan (then Artsakh) in 3.5 hours, average speed of 14 kph. In Goris the driver replaced me with a heavy bag of rice.

Favourite destinations: Istrian interior, Polish route 28 through the Carpathians, Bosnia, West Coast of Ireland, Arctic region of the Kola Peninsula, southern coast of Iran.

Easiest hitchhiking experience: West Coast of Ireland, German and Polish countryside

Hardest hitchhiking experience: Greece in the hot pandemic summer 2020

Future plans: Montenegro, Baltics, Turkey, Newfoundland and Eastern Canada, Central Asia.