Macelj-Kozminci border crossing

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Macelj-Kozminci border crossing
<map lat='46.267003' lng='15.8680' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Countries: Flag of Croatia Croatia | Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Type: Road
Motorway: E 59

The Macelj-Kozminci border crossing connects Croatia and Slovenia.

Into Slovenia

In 2022 this is also a border with the Schengen Area, despite Croatia being part of the EU. This might people make more reluctant to take you there, but once you cross you can find rides far into Schengen. After you enter Slovenia there might be some guys standing directing traffic when it's busy. Just go all the way to the end of the area and have your sign ready, e.g. Deutschland. guaka and Erga found a ride to some village in Luxembourg (and were hosted there for the night).

There is no designated area to walk. The right side of the road goes down steeply. Make sure you are visible when you cross in the dark and that you have some light to see where you're going.

Into Croatia

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