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My name is Tim,
I like to hitchhike,
We could go for a swim,
We could go for a bike.

In Kosovo I sang karaoke,
in Denmark I danced with delight,
the pubs were all too smoky,
the club bouncers too uptight.

I've tasted charlie in the Chihuahua sunshine,
I've chased the dragon in the dark in Delhi,
I've drank thousand-dollar bottles of wine,
and lived for months on peanut butter and jelly.

I broke into a hotel in Hannover,
I slept on rooftops in Rome.
Each place is just a stop-over,
Nowhere feels like home.

I lost my love in Lahore,
I shed tears in Taipei,
I've taken a million rides or more,
but found no one going my way.

If you're tired of this rhyme,
sophomoric, self-indulgent, and puerile,
save yourself some time,
and just read my Couchsurfing profile.