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<map lat="69.9688699999994" lng="23.27165000000025" zoom="10" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Norway
State: Finnmark
Population: 19.300
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Alta is a town in the North of Norway. It is known for the Alta Museum, with ancient rock carvings. You can visit the rock carvings without paying the hefty entrance fee if you go after they close. It is on the E 6 and the 93 road.

Hitchhiking out

It is not easy to hitchhike out of Alta. There are some good spots, but people are reluctant to stop.

Attempt to hitchhike to Tromsø

West, E 6 towards Tromsø

The Alta Museum seems a good spot, it's fairly easy to stop, but Guaka and Erga tried for a long time and no one did.

South, 93 towards Kautokeino

There are no great spots in Alta, but if you get to Ovre Alta there is a fairly decent bus stop.

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