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E 6 is the name of the north-south motorway in Norway and the motorway along the west coast of Sweden.

From south to north, it comes along Trelleborg, Malmö, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Göteborg (Gothenburg), Uddevalla, Strömstad, Svinesund in Sweden, and in Norway Sarpsborg, Moss, Oslo, Hamar, Lillehammer, Dovre, Oppdal, Melhus, Trondheim, Stjørdal, Steinkjer, Grong, Mosjøen, Mo i Rana, Saltdal, Fauske, then further up to Hamarøy with a ferry from Bognes to Skarberget then on via Narvik, Setermoen, Nordkjosbotn, Skibotn, Alta, Olderfjord, Lakselv, Karasjok, Nesseby and Kirkenes in the very northeast of Norway close to the Russian border. Its total length is 3,140 km.

The road is a 2+2 lane motorway from outside Trelleborg to north of Uddevalla and from Strömstad to Dal (50 km north of Oslo). There are also stretches further north with four lanes or motorway standard. The rest of the road is ordinary road, usually 6-10 m wide, except for some parts in the extreme north of Norway where it can be narrower than 6m. Especially the part north of Trondheim has very curvy parts. The E6 passes over treeless mountain passes in a few places in Norway. In the winter the weather conditions often can be so rough that the road must be closed temporarily.

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