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Malmö (Malmo) is a city in the southwest of Sweden. It is very close to Copenhagen, to which it is connected by a bridge. There are also ferries between Malmö and Travemünde in Germany.

Hitchhiking out

North(west) towards Göteborg, Lund E 6 and Stockholm E 4, East towards Kristianstad E 22

<map lat='55.623343816073884' lng='12.915802001953125' zoom='10' view='0' float='right' />

The motorway begins next to the McDonalds in the neighborhood Midhem, where cars enter from two directions. Stand several meters in front of the motorway sign. McDonalds or Statoil can provide you with cardboard for writing a sign, which is essential for getting a lift in the right direction.

For going north/northwest, take rides past Helsingborg only – then you will get past the motorway knot E4/E6. You can also accept a ride to the rest area at Glumslöv (which comes before Helsingborg), and if you go with this, which probably is the best, you should write "Helsingborg" on the sign.

If you want to go on the E22 you write "Kristianstad" on your sign.

If you're going to Lund (or Landskrona) you should write the city name on the sign right away.

Note that the main route to Stockholm is the E4. The E22 also goes towards Stockholm, but it is a slow, scenic route that can add as much as a day to your travel time.

Glumslöv rest area, E6 and E20

This is situated 40 km north of Malmö and is good both for heading north or south. If trying to go south to Denmark this might be the place to change cars before you end up inside the big cities of Malmö or Lund. It is possible to reach Glumslöv by train from many cities along the southwest coast.

West towards Copenhagen (Denmark) E 20, South towards Skanör, Falsterbo E 6 E 22

Option 1: Walk on Nobelvägen in the direction of Dalaplan and Mobilia shopping center. When you reach Dalaplan, Nobelvägen changes name to Trelleborgsvägen, but continue until next big cross where Trelleborgsvägen meets Stadiongatan. Just before Stadiongatan there is a big bus stop that is possible to hitch from. Use a sign that says "Denmark".

Option 2: You can also take bus number 6 towards Klagshamn and get of at the stop Ollebo. Walk left towards the roundabout and stand just after it. Once again a sign with 'Denmark' is very helpful. An even better place is to walk across the roundabout and through the tunnel to the highway entrance. A lot of space for cars to stop, they come in a slow speed and they are all going to Denmark. The best place to get to Denmark from Malmö.

Hitchhiking in

From Copenhagen / Denmark

By the highway next to the Kastrup airport in Copenhagen there is a round gas station/mcdonalds. There is also a Netto. Tha adress is Kystvejen 1. To get here from the city you can take the metro to the airport and walk about 5 min.

Go here and find a Swedish car and ask them. Most likely they are going to Malmö or Sweden. It’s easy to find a ride here!

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