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<map lat='55.7' lng='13.2' zoom='12' view='0' country='Sweden' float='right'/> Lund is a city in Sweden.

Hitchhiking out

South to Malmö

  • It's extremely easy to get a ride to Malmö from Lund. If you walk or bike south on Stora Södergatan (from Stortorget), you will find a very good hitchhiking spot. Continue south (straight forward) when the street name changes to Malmövägen until the first curve of the street at St Larsparken (that's about 15 minute walking from Stortorget). After that right curve (turn) you will see a bus stop after 150 meters(you could reach this place by taking bus 130 or 131 from the city center). The cars have to drive very slowly there and they will see you in good time advance if you stand close to that bus stop (where the cars can stop). Some have used that spot more than 70 times while never having to wait more than 10 minutes in daylight!

    If you trying to hitchhike during the night it might be a better alternative to hitchhike from the traffic lights 100 meters before the curve mentioned above.

  • Another good spot is in Norra Faladen, in the north of Lund. Walk up to the supermarket Willi's (bus nr 4 with a direction of Norra Faladen busstop Gambro), and follow a little road just after Willi's on the left, which goes under the bridge and leads straight to the busstop.It takes about 7 minutes to get to the spot. It is a motorway, but it is fairly easy to get a ride to Malmo. There have been a few cases when people going to Denmark stopped, so it is possible to get a ride to Dk also.

If you're going towards Germany you ought to use a sign. Chances that you get a ride directly to Germany are slim but if you can get a ride to one of the outbound gas-stations from Copenhagen you can easily find a Germany-bound car from there. Another option which might be quicker is getting a ride into Copenhagen and then using public transport to get out in the right direction. The former is recommended.

North to Hörby, Eslöv or Kristianstad

  • Where Norra Ringen connects with E22 there's a roundabout where the cars drive slowly enough to see you and to stop at the side of the road. To get there you just walk north on the right side of the road until you get to a bus stop. There you just follow the road up ahead for about 100-200 meters. Just stand with a sign or your thumb at the exit of the roundabout at the road going to Hörby.

North to Stockholm or Göteborg

Option 1

There is an excellent road that goes from Nova Lund and straight to the E6 and E20 highway which will lead you north. The road is called Fjelievägen and has the number 16. You can take bus number 5 to get to Nova Lund, from there you'll have to walk up past the intersection with the gas station. At this point there will be a good 4 km of nice straight road with every possibility to stop for all kinds of vehicles on the side of the road. There is also some bus stops along the way which will be slightly more legal, but a further, and in my opinion unnecessary, walk. It may be worth noting that the bus stop closest to the large grocery stores (ICA Kvantum / City Gross) gets a lot of traffic not leaving the Nova area, so finding one further out might be good if you're having no luck, not to say it's a bad spot at all.

To get to Stockholm you make sure to get on the E4 by the splitting of the highway outside Helsingborg. If your ride continues towards Gothenburg it is best to get of at the gas station (OKQ8) in Glumslöv shortly before Helsingborg. Any ride to Helsingborg would pass this.

Option 2

Hitchhike to Malmö and Värnhem (Midhem) where it's easy to find a ride to the north. Write Helsingborg on the sign, but make sure you get off att the gas station/truckstop in Glumslöv. It's also possible to take the train to Glumslöv right away. At the restarea there are many cars and trucks that pass and it's common to get a ride all the way to Göteborg or Stockholm right there.

Option 3

Take the 165 or 166 bus to Lund Södra Tpl where there is a Circle K petrol station. Walk back north and turn left onto the footpath next to the large field. Turn left at the next road and follow it until you reach a bus stop on the 108 road. Here there is plenty of room for cars to stop and traffic passes by slowly. Many of the cars here will eventually join onto the E4 heading north.

Hitchhiking in

Coming from Göteborg

Instead of first heading into Malmö you can ask the driver to drop you off at Trafikplats Lomma. Close to the E6 there is a petrol station (Statoil Lomma Prästbergarondellen) by a big round about where your driver can easily drop you off and get back to the road. There was also a McDonalds here in september 2015.

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