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Travemünde is a borough of the German town Lübeck in Germany where you can try to hitch a ferry to Malmö or Trelleborg.

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--Namaste (talk) 15:04, 24 July 2013 (CEST): One day I got to Helsinki from Travemünde port for free which was a part of my longest ride so far. I was standing on one road in Utrecht and an old Finnish truck driver picked me up, initially to drive me to Hamburg. Later on I learned that I can travel all the way to Finland as "second driver". Before that, the driver had to check with someone, or maybe he called the ferry carrier company - i don't remember for sure. But as a result I had the comfiest bed in a room with him. Accomodation was in the quiet drivers section of the ferry. There was sauna, 3 times a day food, and couple of drink vouchers. Luxury! It was in 2010. NB! Please confirm if it is still like that!