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Flag of Norway
State: Finnmark
Population: 3,000
Major roads: E45
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Kautokeino (or Guovdageaidnu in Sami) is a remote town in northern Norway. It is known as a cultural, academic and economic centre for Sami people in Norway.

Hitchhiking out

Much of the traffic heading out of Kautokeino are Norwegian grey nomads who stop for noone and local Sami drivers who are not driving very far at all. Your best bet may be foreign tourists on a roadtrip or someone going to work in another town.

North towards Alta

At the north of the town there is a Circle K petrol station, a cafe and a supermarket. The northernmost entry/exit to this complex is a good place to hail traffic as well as cars exiting the petrol station. Traffic moves slowly and the location has good visibility.


The population of this area is approximately 85% Sami. If you go get picked up by a Sami driver, don't ask them how many reindeer they have as it is the same as asking a Westerner how much money they have in their saving account. Other than that most Sami people are more than happy to answer respectful questions about their culture and lifestyle.